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Aare Gani Adams, You Goofed, Ayekooto fires Adams over his attacks on Asiwaju Tinubu

Ordinarily, you don’t deserve a decent reply because you don’t believe in decency but in order not to portray our race as if only characters like you dominate it, I will reply you like a typical Yoruba man from Oyo Alaafin!!!!

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You said and I quote “since He(Tinubu) came to power, he has removed the respect from yoruba race. People no longer respect us like the days of Awolowo and Adesanya. He is calling a meeting in Lagos to counter the Southern Governors, the governors said they want Devolution of Power but he’s going against them, calling meetings that he never called before. You paid babalawos to carry sacrifices so that Amotekun will fail. If you didn’t leave me alone, you will die before July. I have spent 80% of wealth for the Yoruba people, yet you’re looking at me as nobody, I will place a curse on you for seven days, you will not escape it…..” blah blah blah…..

Well, Ga**ni, let me refresh your memories.👇

Awolowo, after his successful administration in the West, decided to go national so as to replicate his achievements for the generality of Nigerians. During the 1959 elections, Awolowo ran a national campaign that had never been seen in Nigeria until that time, he was in the domain of all his opponents nationwide. What he wanted was to become the Prime Minister but he lost to the alliance of NCNC of Zik and NPC of Bello. Instead of becoming the Prime minister, Awolowo ended up as the Opposition Leader in the Parliament, a position he held with dignity and pride.

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By 1963, his deputy who was now the Premier of Western Region, Akintola had studied the reason for the failure of AG led by Awo to attain the leadership or, at least co-head the leadership of Nigeria, he saw how Awolowo never made any offer to the core North and how his offer to the East was rejected at the last minute. He cut a new alliance with Bello and Balewa, his line of thought was to work with them, support them in power and after theirs, the power would come to the West. This was totally misunderstood by the leadership of AG and the party divided into two, crisis that led to unprecedented violence in the West, then a State of Emergency etc etc.

Akintola left the AG and eventually formed alliance with Bello, the alliance won the 1965 elections and the military predominantly from the East k**illed all the principal actors of the 1965 alliance. Eventually, they annulled the constitution the that would make such future alliance realisable and introduced a law that will make the most powerful become the only powerful. Unfortunately, those who manufactured the law didn’t enjoy it beyond 6 months!!! Alas!!!

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When Democracy returned in the second Republic, UPN led by Shagari picked their deputy from the East, Awolowo of the UPN also picked his Deputy from the East. Awolowo didn’t win a single polling unit in the East! Do you expect the North to vote for UPN????

Abiola learnt from this. And in 1993, Tofa of the NRC picked his deputy from the East and Abiola of the SDP picked his deputy from the Core North. That was Akintola Mathematics!!!! And that 1993 election changed my orientation about Nigeria 🇳🇬. Abiola defeated Tofa in his Kano ward, LG and state. Unprecedented!!! Then, a certain man called Nzeribe from Oguta went to court to stop Abiola’s victory and that election was annulled by the ever winning Minna General. That was how they ended the 1965 alliance too through a coup!!!

And Abiola was picked up, just like Awolowo, he was put in a black Maria just like Awolowo. Now tell me Aare G**ani, was this the period you referred to as respectable period for the Yoruba? Definitely, your reasoning is largely deficient.

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Many people were as*sass*inated in the West, people like Kudirat Abiola, Alfred Rewane, Alhaja Suliat, among many others. All the notable ones alive ran for their lives, Soyinka, Tinubu, etc went on exile. Later General Diya was arrested, General Adisa, General Olanrewaju, Dr Beko Kuti etc were arrested waiting for firing squad. Obasanjo was arrested. Etc. This was when our Baba Adesanya and Ajasin were leading the Yoruba people, now Gani, was this the period of respect for the Yoruba people????

And when Yorubas wanted Falae in 1999, the 1959 coalition voted Obasanjo, knowing fully well the actual choice of the West was Falae, was that the respect Gani was talking about???? And Obasanjo treated you like a common th*ief. He chained you from your hands to your leg without clothes on you. Is that your definition of respect? Tinubu and other leaders saw to your freedom, same Tinubu you want to kee in July!!!!

Before the reinvention of 1965 accord in 2015 by Buhari and Tinubu, the highest political office holder in the SW was a Minister of State for Defence, another for FCT and one for Police affairs. There was no pointable infrastructure by the FG in the SW. A President even called us Rascals right in Mapo Hall!!! Is that your definition of respect???? And the same man who called us Rascals was your candidate in 2015, you almost raze down Lagos for him.

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In 2015, under Buhari Tinubu alliance, Yoruba moved from obscurity to Number 2, we had Ministers of Finance, Works,power and housing, communication, health, solid minerals, we headed Federal inland revenue, we became Chief of Defence Staff and Tinubu is referred as Governing party’s National Leader in a party whose President is in power! Even after voting less for this coalition in 2019, we still have some of these. And many FG presence in the SW, from Rails to Road to New Sea Ports, to tertiary institutions to giving Federal assets to Lagos. Only lagos received huge cash donations from FG during COVID-19 saga. But most importantly, today, JUNE 12 IS NOW our Democracy Day and no longer May 29 earlier pronounced by the 1959 coalition of 1999. Abiola the first president to emerge from 1965 coalition became GCFR and Authentic GANI Fawehinmi became GCON. Kudirat engraved in Hall of fame. Now, Mr Gani Adams, this is called MAXIMUM RESPECT…….Respect is not about your ability to get contracts from FG!!!

THE meeting called by Akande, Osoba and Asiwaju was their PARTY’S MEETING not Yoruba Meeting and Tinubu as the leader has called such meetings before, one was of it was held in Ibadan under Ajimobi. You, as a Pidp warlord can tell your leaders to call theirs too where you must be definitely invited. Tinubu meeting agreed with all the resolutions of Southern Governors and only added that the Yoruba Nation agitations that you and your boys feast on is not part of their own agenda. Tinubu is the greatest crusader of TRUE FEDERALISM in Nigeria. What is your headache in that? OBJ and Adebanjo said same thing recently too. You said Asiwaju paid Babalawos, that can only come from the mouth of codeine. Let’s leave the rebuttal till when yours eyes are cleared of it. Tinubu will live long for the sake of Yorubas and Nigerians in general. The issue of dying in July doesn’t occur!!!!


You said you have spent 80% of your wealth on Yoruba? Which wealth? Is that the proceeds of your Hammer 🔨 and Saw? How did you come about the wealth? We all know you are a Carpenter! If anything, you have benefitted in this drama more than you could have ever imagined in your life. Your desperation to dethrone Fasheun paid off for you only in naira but the wisdom of Fasheun remains with Fasheun. And wisdom is far better, ask King Solomon.

Therefore, your curses are back to your head, when Eluulu draws the rain, it draws it on his own head!!!! A butterfly 🦋that wants to put off the fire from an inferno will end up putting itself off.

Good morning to all Progressives only!!!!!

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Written by Adesoji OMOSEBI

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