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Sojworldnews is an online platform for sharing information on news, entertainment, politics, human interest, sports and so on.

This is a “Reality of a Vision” of many years of sustained efforts in fulfillment of passion and flare for writing journalism that gave birth to SOJ WORLDWIDE ONLINE NEWS.

It is an online news medium with a difference launched to bring balanced current news around the world especially in Nigeria as the news break devoid of sentiments or emotions. This medium is not meant to scandalize, intimidate or blackmail any individual, group, organization, political organization or the government. It is not meant to promote immorality, indiscipline, ethnic or religious bigotry.

Instead, it is set to promote peace, tranquility, religious tolerance, women emancipation, equal rights and justice.

SOJ Worldwide will delve into national issues in Nigeria for good governance without fear or favour as it relates to fighting against corruption, against injustice, against inequality and against other vices in the society.
We shall strive to give you NEWS BEHIND THE NEWS digging deep into issues and gathering of information for the delight of readers.

Personal opinions or response to news expressed in SOJWorld does not in any way reflect or represent the views of this blog.

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