Alfa TIJANI: APC Has Been A Complete And Total Failure In Kogi State

President Buhari approves extension of tenure to all Service Chiefs
President Buhari approves extension of tenure to all Service Chiefs
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APC Has Been A Complete And Total Failure In Kogi State.

Former Senior Special Assistant to Ex-Chairman from Idah LGA on ICT, Alfa Tijani, has again taken a swipe at the All Progressives Congress, APC, saying the party is a complete and total failure.

Criticising the last administration for ‪#15/30‎% salaries was right, but keeping quiet now because your person is there is totally wrong.

Let’s just admit that Evil is Evil. It has no catchment area. So therefore: What is bad in a PDP government cannot be good in an APC government.

Productive hours being wasted daily on Lokoja just for verification exercises. People are losing billions daily. It’s a dire situation because at the moment, there’s no electricity, no water and most importantly no salaries.

The change mantra came with so many appetising and mouth watering goodies.

I’m deeply pained and disturbed as I am glued to my device typing this write up. A civil servant woke up from sleep this morning shouting holy ghost fire. The wife asked, is lion chasing you in your dream? “That would have been better” said the civil servant. What happened the wife asked? I nearly voted for APC again in my dream, the wife shouted blood of Jesus.

Whenever politics in Kogi State is discussed so many issues come to fore, with the most prominent been the issue of partisan. I have never been a fan of the PDP. For sixteen years Kogites lived under the clutches of the PDP led administration, who looted and sucked us dry to the bone. Despite the kleptomaniac nature of the PDP, some significant changes were exhibited and witnessed.

Expressing my dissatisfaction over APC’s alleged failed promises , Alfa insisted that the party was the ‘biggest scam’ in history.

I can say it without any shadow of a doubt in my mind, I begin to see what APC is doing in Kogi State and it’s so annoying.

I have been inundated by the grumbling and murmuring of some of our brothers who are working with the local government over delay exhibited by the state in salary payment recently.

November salary has not been paid to civil servants as at today. The last time this happened in Nigeria was during the dark days of military rule. Salaries that were ordinarily been paid by 25th -27th of every month since 1999 has now become a carry over benefits under APC in Kogi State.

Very soon, I am sure they will blame past administration for this responsibility failure.

Kogites cannot afford three square meals a day. Kogites have sinned and our sins seem to be hunting us. I pray God will forgive our sins in Kogi State.

Alfa Tijani, Kogi based political analyst, creative writer and an ardent fan of APC in the last gubernatorial election under the able leadership of Prince Abubakar Audu.

Contact : (c) June 23, 2017.

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