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ASUU Which stands for Academic Staff Union Of Universities, is the Nigerian union of university academic staff, founded in 1978.

The Academic Staff Union Of Universities, (ASUU)  is quite a complicated Union and they are dis-understandable.

The ASUU UNION strikes have done more harm than good on the education sector with students bearing most of the accruing costs from the occurrences. As a result of the regular strikes, most students resort to venturing into town for opportunities to earn stipends. Some of them end up securing employment with big organisations.

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ASUU UNION is not making the Needed Sacrifice to make The Country Move Forward,
Sacrifice need to be make under this Government we are into Today, ASUU union don’t need all these Complicated demand, making the students to be Hopeless. 

ASUU need to make the right sacrifice,They don’t need to Abuse the power that they have,we all Know ASUU Union are so powerful and their Threatening the FG which can bring them Down at anytime,take for example if Student are allow to Vote against the ASUU Union,am very sure no body would support ASUU.

ASUU UNION is saying the Nigeria Government are Corrupt,yes agreed,But let be sincere the Corruption in University is worst than that of the Government.

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At least ASUU Should control the Level of negligence that’s is bringing Problem facing the Nigeria Education System.

ASUU Strike actions affects students performance in examination and make them engage in examination malpractice, strike action destabilize the school programme and its operations which lead to production of half baked university graduates, strike actions decrease research and innovation in tertiary Institution.

In Conclusion, ASUU UNION Need to Cooperate with the Federal Government to by Ending the Strike, which would allow student to go back to school and study,and it Going to move the country forward. 

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Written by Ruth Semilore

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