ASUU losing its relevance, becoming a nuisance by Adesoji Omosebi

Adesoji Omosebi
Adesoji Omosebi
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ASUU no longer needs sympathy, it is like there is more to the strike than the present logjam with President Muhammadu Buhari administration. I cant imagine that ASUU calling for revitalization of University system and the same time helping to destroy the students they said their struggles is meant to protect.







They have taken Nigerians for granted, and to add insult to injury, the government they are contending with has lost touch with the reality.







The truth must be told, this government cannot solve ASUU’s agitation except if they are ready to empty the treasury to solve their grievances alone at the detriment of security, health sectors and the civil service,  infrastructural developments and other sectors in the economy.

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ASUU has gone too far beyond  what we can bear, they have taken Nigerians to ransom for too long.

Enough is enough!

People’s support for ASUU is majorly based on sentiment, it is as a result of the government irresponsibility to the yearnings of the people considering the economic hardships, insecurity of lives and properties confronting the populace.






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Non performance of Buhari administration has made every Dick and Harry celebrities.  For you to become a celebrity, you have to criticise the government of the day not minding the capacity of the government to meet ASUU’s demands.

I paused and gave a thought to it if there are no economists among ASUU educated elites to know that their agitations was at the wrong time when the economy is bleeding.  ASUU who are the employees are up in arms against their employer, the federal government who are running the economy on deficits with debts mounting up daily.

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These respected lecturers could not see reasons with the government even when there was natural disaster threatening the existence of mankind in the name of COVID-19.  This was a time in history that people across the universe were struggling for survival, yet ASUU could not lay down their arms to reflect on the calamity confronting mankind.

I am not speaking for the government or the Minister of Education who is not concerned about the education of millions of Almajiri kids and others who are the tools being used to kill innocent Nigerians and milking the resources that could have been channeled to educational development and other populist programs.

I am in defence of our children whose lives are being wasted daily without remorse from the government and ASUU. You didn’t insist on your rights when the economy was bouyant, it is now when the economy is on its knees that heaven must fall on all of us including the students.









Among damages done as a result of this senseless strike action includes:

1) Thousands of students lost scholarship opportunities abroad at the time they needed it most.

2) They are no longer employable in financial institutions like the banking and Insurance organizations where Entry Level age is pegged  at 26 no matter your grade whereas contestants to the seat of power had no age limit.  

3) The Landlords would not say because ASUU is on strike and pardon the students from paying their rents.

4) The needless strike action has ruined many businesses and many means of livelihoods, these include,  commercial bus operators,  POS Operators,  Restaurants,  Banks,  Business Centers and many others.

5) ASUU leaders should understand  that Nigeria is for all of us who are being oppressed and marginalized daily.

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Let it be known that ASUU is fighting a battle it cannot win by always embarking on strikes.  In fact,  all Nigerians ought to be on strike considering the pains we are all going through daily.

President Muhammadu Buhari is not playing a fatherly role as a President,  the father of all must be more concerned about the future of Nigerian youths. What stops the President from meeting ASUU and have a mutual discussions and unveil what Nigeria is passing through at this difficult times on the table.








ASUU should sheathe their swords and adopt other options different from incessant strike actions that is doing more damages to our students than good.

Rome was never built in a day,  I would advise the students to prevail on their lecturers to resume rather than attacking the government.  It takes two to ‘tango’








If all other options fail and ASUU refused to resume work,  I will advise Buhari to disband ASUU,  sack the Minister of Education and give the ASUU President the treatment Babangida gave to Tai Solarin by appointing him the Minister of Education so that he can attend to ASUU demands with dispatch as a Minister of Education. 

Solarin was a foremost critic and torn in the flesh of IBB administration. IBB established Peoples Bank and  Tai Solarin was appointed the Chairman of the bank.  Solarin of blessed memory was caught sleeping in most of board meetings, he was forced to resign because he could not understand the workings of the bank.

Today, Peoples Bank was milked to death that most of our youths never knew that there was a time we had a bank named Peoples Bank with branches in every state in Nigeria.

It is easy to tackle and criticise but it is not easy being on the driver’s seat.

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