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The ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), is presently embroiled in internal power tussle among the major blocks that merged to form the party. The development is said to have created deep cracks in the ruling party’s ranks across the country, raising concerns that if something is not urgently done, the ruling party may witness mass defections that could substantially weaken it before 2019 general elections.

After it successfully wrested power from the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) last year, internal bickering is threatening the stability of the APC ahead of 2019 general elections. Some top politicians within the party have complained of not being carried along by the leadership of the party, while others are not happy that they have been left out in the sharing of the booty that come with its electoral victory. The cold war within the APC has affected the workings of virtually all its organs, making it unable to conduct congresses to elect officials at all levels.

The National Party Chairman of APC, Chief John Odiegu Oyegun is only interested in deepening the crisis and not in getting closures. He is adding lies to a cocktail of fictitious concoctions. The situation in Kogi calls for leadership but from all indications, Chief Oyegun is not offering that. He is biased, sentimental & provocative. He has always said and acted to display his tendency for division. We have never seen him advocating for development. But when the issue is controversial and capable of causing more confusion, that’s where you find him. He sits in Abuja and in the comfort of his mansion. It is very easy and convenient to sit in Abuja, enjoy freebies, let him come to Kogi once in a while and use tact in getting the root cause of the internal crisis in the party.

I think there is no APC member that will tell you he is happy with the state of affairs of the party in Kogi state; there is a lot of work that he needs to do. But for the less knowledgeable, one is tempted to offer clarification Like Uthman Dan Fodio said,“Truth is an open wound, only truth can heal”. The news in the state and even the blind can see the reign of hardship in Kogi state under the watchful eyes of Bello . I’m ever pointedly frank and blunt. I calls a spade its rightful name no matter whose ox is gored .

I also expressed sadness at the inability of the party’s leadership to resolve contending issues amongst its members, saying, The party has to break its silence on some issues; and it has to start acting as a party. The functions and duties of a party aren’t just to conduct primaries or to go for campaigns, but to also reconcile issues and differences between party members .

In fact, Kogi deserves pity. The sorry state of affairs in Kogi state have unarguably overwhelmed us. Is it the volume of unpaid salaries to workers, leading to industrial actions , the unabating insecurity in the land leading to lost of thousands of lives and property to the state of despondency . The situation in Kogi today should challenge any responsible government to roll up its sleeves and go back to work instead of perceiving the peoples’ comment from the prism of politics. The governor has destroyed both the APC and governance in Kogi State and will surely destroy the entire APC in matter of months .

Everybody is afraid to talk because of the cabals, they are very powerful. Anything you say can land you in trouble. Some prefer to keep quiet and tread softly until 2019 . The National Executive Committee (NEC) of the party should wake up to its responsibility as it had remained without activities for too long.

I’m still an ardent fan of Audu Faleke Political Family and remained a party member “body and spirit”, contrary to insinuations.

Alfa Tijani, a seasoned Media practioner, writes from Kogi state. (c) August 13, 2017.

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