Before you cast your vote, read this, watch the VIDEO

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BEFORE you cast your votes this Saturday, February 25, 2023, read following words of wisdom from an elder statesman who is privy to the historical and existing relationship background between the Yorubas and Igbos.











Elections will come and go, we must not forget our brotherhoods, life must continue!








SOJ WORLDWIDE hold a firm believe that, if our youths could read and watch this video, we would realize that this election must not be a do-or-die affairs.

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I’m asking my Igbo’s brothers and sisters to calm down stop insulting people unnecessarily stop using harsh attack on others just by thinking they are stopping you from being the President.









Peter Obi and his campaign team,including me and others and you that are supporting him have to do a lot to convince others to trust his candidacy that is a national project nobody is against Igbo’s.




I’m tired of this, I’m being honest.

In case you don’t know when Jakara Market was demolished in the early 80’s.That man gave the Igbo’s a parcel of Virgin land on owners occupier and what Jakande said,





“if you people are going to clear the forest take it for life without taking a dime from them. And that is Ojo Alaba International Market and it is generating annually, more than trillion Naira.

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From Ojo down to Ajangbadi is giving generations of Igbos plenty money in Dollars, in Euros and Pounds, given to us by a citizen of Lagos called Lateef Jakande, may God bless his soul.





During the Civil War, Every tribe close to Igbos in Port-Harcourt change and seized every property from Igbos.

Yorubas kept Igbo properties intact, rent out their properties, kept the money in the bank and returned it to the Igbos after the Civil War.





It is high time we cool down nobody hates you,nobody wants to stop you.

Politics is about campaign. Ahmed Tinubu have the right to vie for presidency so do other candidates too.




None of these people is representing a tribe.   

If you feel that Peter Obi program and plans are better, market him very well.

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But all this thing the Yoruba’s are against Igbos and wants to stop us from being the president, is a fallacy.






Market your own candidate in peace, stop all this thing because there will be life after 2023 and most of the time we might be endangering the life of our brethren, so it is time for somebody stop the hatred.

Enough is enough!”



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