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An Abuja based pharmacist, Mr Patrick Obute has recommended the consumption of bitter kola, saying it helps in the treatment of numerous ailments.
Obute told newsmen on Wednesday in Abuja that bitter kola contained chemicals that helped in the breakdown of glycogen in the liver.
He explained glycogen as a multi-branched polysaccharide of glucose that serves as a form of energy storage in humans, adding that polysaccharide also represent the main storage form of glucose in the body.
According to Obute, bitter kola has antioxidant properties used as a toxic for lungs and gallbladder, which helps detoxify the body system.
He added that it had other medicinal uses, apart from being a natural hunger suppressant which increases the urge to drink more water.
“It improves lungs function by expanding the alveolar ducts and sac in the lungs, thereby improving and strengthening the fibres in the lung tissue.
“It clears the voice by stimulating the production of mucus along the lining of the vocal tube, which softens the dry throat.
“It is also an anti-poison; when food is suspected to be contaminated, chewing bitter kola will prevent any poison,’’ he said.
The expert said that bitter kola could be eaten at any time because it had no side effects, stressing that it was one of those medicines that had no overdose. © August 24, 2017

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