BIG STORY! WHY Lauretta Onochie calls on DSS/Police to arrest Peter Obi (WATCH PROVOCATIVE VIDEO)

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FORMER Chairperson to the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC), Lauretta Onochie took to his official X handle available to SOJ WORLDWIDE, calling on the Police and DSS to arrest the Presidential Candidate of the Labour Party, Peter Obi for provocative statement.





According to Onochie, Nigerians wants to know why the Obi who took third position in the election is so desperate.



After watching a video in which Peter Obi allegedly incited his followers to takeover the government, Onochie wrote this,





@PoliceNG Attn:

I think

I think it’s high time you pulled in this clown.
• He did the right thing by seeking power through the ballot box. That’s legal!

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• He managed to win some and lost the most. Fair enough!




• Then, his running mate and other unpatriotic Angry Birds, began to instigate our youth to violence.





• But our Noble and patriotic youth completely ignored them, because sensible youth in Nigeria, are more in number than his headless mob.

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• Knowing he had no leg to stand on, he allowed himself to be foolishly led to the Tribunal by #Cashactivists, to pursue issues already decided by the Supreme Court, years ago.




• Then they tried using the Labour movement to call for (WARNING?) strikes around the PEPT judgement day. It failed woefully. Kudos to our youth population!




•This man,
, continues to instigate his headless and consequently, brainless followers to a violent change of government. I have never seen a more desperate individual.





• There’s something sinister and ominous about a man who came 3rd in a race and wants to be declared the winner, AT ALL COST!





• I think it’s high time he was pulled in to answer a few questions. Nigerians want to know why Peter Obi, is this desperate.




●Pull him in, heavens will not fall📍
God bless Nigeria.”




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