BOVAS to the rescue – Adesoji OMOSEBI

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God Bless The Management and Staff of Bovas for rescuing hundreds of motorists in dispensing fuel at N143 today at Osogbo. I thought it was just a mere speculation that Bovas was selling a normal litre of petrol at N143 until I became a living witness today.
I still cannot fathom how this was made possible when government’s NNPC is selling for N145 and others are still selling a litre above N200.

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The end to the fuel crisis might not be in sight yet because we refused to tell ourselves the home truth.
The NNPC CMD told Nigerians what we hate to hear that they are still subsidizing PMS with N26.
I think that comment should end there. It must not be another strategy to increase fuel pump price. That would mean that this government is taken Nigerians for granted which I think should not be so, except if they want to give all of us a mass burial. The truth is that people are suffering.
I am speaking as a Nigerian NOT for us to go back ‘to “Egypt”
where shameless locusts ruined the economy and gave the carcass to President Buhari.

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It is time for Nigerians to speak out because Nigeria belongs to all of us.’
Those in charge should wake up now so that we would not give the likes of Fani-Kayode, Fayose and Reno who have lost morality and credibility to laugh this government to scorn regardless of efforts put in place to revamp the economy.
Lest I forget, Nigeria needs the likes of Bovas MD/CEO who is not greedy to manage a sensitive agency like the NNPC.
Just my observation.
I give kudos to Fashola for the improvement in power supply. It shows ‘”we can do it if we really want” – Jimmy Cliff.

– Adesoji Omosebi

wwww, (c) December 28, 2017

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