BREAKING: NLC blocks Abuja International Airport, reasons unknown (VIDEO)

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THE Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) on Thursday, November 9, 2023 blocked the Abuja International Airport for anyone coming out and going in.





Reasons for their action is unknown but it might not be unconnected with their grouse against the Imo State Governor, Hope Uzordima whom they alleged was responsible for the assault on the NLC President, Joe Ajaero in Owerri days ago.





A concerned Nigerian, Zara Oyinye wrote on his Facebook account,

These th+ugs and cha+rlatans masquerading as NLC need to be reigned in.

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What manner of lawlessness is this?
You block airport access so Ordinary citizens suffer and lose business because you want to teach Hope Uzodinma a lesson?

Did you hear them call him Asawo and Supreme Court Gov?

Do you see that it’s just about Gov Hope pressing their neck in Imo politics against their favourite candidate?

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Why can’t they go to Imo and do this?
How can they come to inconvenience people in Abuja over an Imo issue?
Why are they blocking the road to the Airport?
They should just send soldiers to flush them out of the place.




Lastly, President Tinubu…Own your Government like a MAN!”



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