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I think we should ask questions on why a country that was once a model to other African countries has now become a laughing stock.
If anybody should tell us today that kidnapping and suicide bombing will be an endemic issues in the ten years ago, one would say it is not possible because we only heard it as a foreign news.
Has is it ever occurred to any one of us that it was corruption that led to the menace of suicide bombing and kidnapping? I mean the root of it and causes of the unrest in the country.
The natural resources of Nigeria was massively mismanaged and looted by the few ruling class not putting into consideration what future generations will inherit. To worsen the situation, all the looted monies were stashed away in foreign country where no one would have access. It was there idle in foreign countries when we have jobless youths roaming about the streets jobless with hopeless future.
It would have been a little better if they had used their loots to invest in Nigeria to create industries that will create jobs for our teeming youths, boost the economy for growth and development.
Many of these looters have died without any trace to their looted monies in foreign banks.
Youths who are fully employed and engaged cannot go into kidnapping or suicide bombing or go into suicide mission to kill himself or herself. When someone is frustrated death means nothing to him. The origin of Boko Haram might not be religious as popularly believed but action borne out of frustrations and imbalance in the system. The “idle mind is the devil’s workshop.”
At present, the leadership in the state of affairs especially at the National Assembly are taking Nigerians for a ride and for granted. The Judiciary too are not helping matters perverting justice without the fear of God. If there is not justice, peace cannot reign.
Hear Raji Fashola (SAN) on the fraud going on at the National Assembly on 2017 Budget:
“When the President submits the budget and these Committee hearings start, everyone is excited and we are going from one Committee room to the other, you’ll wonder what we were doing then. They provide water, snacks, media coverage and various things, that is tax payer’s money being spent. After all of that, you expect everything to be fine and that all of the things that you have discussed will be reflected in the output of the budget.
What happens is that there is another Committee called the Appropriation Committee and I don’t know how they brief each other but when your budget returns, it is different from the budget that you discussed and defended.
You don’t recognise it anymore.
When I was defending my budget, we didn’t discuss boreholes or primary health care centres, now I have hundreds of them in my budget” Raji Fashola (SAN), Honourable Minister of Power, Works and Housing.
Upon the assumption and confirmation of the present Chief Justice of Nigeria, we noticed that the anti-corruption of the present government of President Muhammadu Buhari suffered a setback as almost all who were charged for corruption charges like Orubebe, Patience Jonathan, Dr, Bukola Saraki, and five Judges have all been set free on technical grounds for want of evidence. We don’t need to be a judge or a lawyer to know that lots are going underneath.
As for the Senate President’ case with the Code of Conduct Bureau, we heard about APC senators prevailing on President Muhammadu Buhari through National Working Committee led by Chief Odigie Oyegun to drop the charges on Senator Bukola Saraki. What this means is that if the case against the Senate President is not dropped forget our cooperation with the Executive arm of the government – we are ready to destabilize the government in five minutes. It is very unfortunate this is coming from same party members whose party is in power and on whose programme it was to flush out corruption from the system. It has now dawn on us all, that we do not have any opposition to the success on the fight against corruption but from the very members of APC at the National Assembly working hand in gloves.
Most of them are enmeshed in one corruption charges or the other, little wonder why they conspired against the confirmation of the EFCC chairman, Ibrahim Magu.
It should be noted that both the lawyers or Judges, who because of monetary gains are defending the looters of our commonwealth that led people to their untimely deaths will live to answer some questions on the day of reckoning if not before man but before God Almighty.
Moreover, these looters should not rejoice yet because the wrath of God is coming upon them very soon that they and their families will be afflicted with ailments that money cannot solve. If they feel they are untouchable, he who God cannot arrest is yet to be born.
The actions of these corrupt few in the society have given birth to too many vices like, militancy, robberies, kidnapping like never before.
If corruption is not nipped in the bud now Nigeria may not be safe haven for anyone again.
This is time to join forces to exterminate corruption from our society.
This is not the time to celebrate corruption like it was done to Chief Bode George and James Ibori who came from various prison terms who are being celebrated by hell bound “men of God.”
The true men of God should speak out against corruption in their churches and mosques. They must not keep silent. Keeping silent means they consented to corruption for their material gains.
Let it be said that, in our own time, we came out against vices prevalent in our nation, Nigeria. © June 22, 2017.


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