DIVISION emerges in the Camp of Niger Republic Coupists (READ MORE..)

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A letter was secretly sent out from the camp of the military that overthrew democratically elected President in the Niger Republic indicating there is internal crisis with the new military junta.

The message was copied from the official X Status of a military Consultant.




Message from Niger’s Military Official.




Dear brothers in arms, since our CNSP brothers came to power, we notice a deterioration in the security situation in our country and particularly in the three-border area.

This new regime has only served its own interests. We die by dozens every day but they are not even able to pay tribute to our martyrs.

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The death of all these valiant soldiers is their responsibility. Some of us still didn’t receive our July salaries and left their families in town to serve our country. How are we going to feed our families or even prepare our kids for school next month?

We’re out of ammunition and we’ve run out of enough fuel to patrol the different villages. We’ve been out of air support for almost 4 weeks.

The first victims of the CNSP are ourselves because we are abandoned to our fate.

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All we do is pray and ask our families to pray for us because the threat is growing. Civilians are leaving their villages, it’s really sad because before everything was going so well for our country. Today you want to use us as human shield and cannon flesh?

We will not fight for a lost cause and leave our families to grieve. We are responsible family just like you and our families are counting on us. We will never fight for your interests. We are engaged in the army for the interest and protection of the people.

I’m a family father and I won’t sacrifice myself to leave a widow and 3 orphans without a reason. I can’t wait to get off my mission and have my baby girl calling on me every night.

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We are asking the CNSP to find a diplomatic exit because we are not ready. God bless Niger and protect his people

I prefer to remain anonymous.”





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