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Magu, acting EFCC Chairman, the award of “Man of Valor” in recognition of his dedication, commitment and doggedness in the fight against corruption.
President of the GPMII, Dr. Mike Uyi, who presented the award to Magu at the EFCC Headquarters, noted that the purpose of the award was to honour the EFCC boss for successfully leading the anti-corruption fight.

“Magu has done excellently well, so far and he has changed the world’s perception about Nigeria as a very corrupt nation,” he said, noting having heard about the exploits of Magu, “one will think that he is a giant.”

He added that: “Looking at him now, one can clearly see that the might is not in appearance and in shape or in size, but it is in the act and actions. He has made Nigeria well respected in the world today.”

Uyi, who could not hide his admiration for the courage of Magu furthered described him as “a man who has the heart to face all kinds of storm”.

“Impunity has been stamped out with the name ‘Magu’. When you hear his name, you must look above your shoulder. He clearly stands outs and that is why we are here to honour him,” Uyi added.

According to him, “since he assumed this very office, he has removed Nigeria from a pariah state in the comity of Nations and Nigeria has become a nation that is well respected. This is as a result of the cardinal print of this very administration that has to do with the fight against corruption which had to be tackled not with a coward, but the man that has the heart to face all kinds of odds and weather the storm.”

“Magu has made Nigeria proud,” he said, adding that the award was in a class of its own, and “is considered the zenith of all awards”.

While receiving the award, Magu, who was beside himself with joy, thanked the GPMII and assured them that the fight against corruption will be fought until his last day in office.

“The fight against corruption is for future generation. I will continue to fight corruption until my last second in office. I want to assure Nigerians that I will never disappoint them. We have the right leadership and I am very much motivated to do more. It is a total war,” Magu pledged.

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