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EMEFIELE: Akeredolu, mind your own business o! by Olabode Opeseitan


It has come to our attention that the “busybody” Governor of Ondo State, Arakunrin Rotimi Akeredolu has condemned the decision of the supporters of the best Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria ever, Mr. Godwin Emefiele to obtain, on his behalf, the Expression of Interest and Nomination forms of the All Progressives Congress – APC for next year’s Presidential election.

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Are you the only one? Must you always talk (cho cho cho)? Who appointed you as the custodian and defender of our laws? Is it because you are a Senior Advocate of Nigeria and former President of the Nigerian Bar Association? What are you complaining about? Did we tell you we didn’t know what the law says about non-partisanship of the #CBN Governor?

Now that you have rushed to issue a press statement, do you even know if the Leader of your party is in support of the move? Do you even think a CBN Governor would have had the bravery to ignore the laws of the land brazenly and spectacularly without the backing of powerful elements in the public and private sectors? At your level, shouldn’t you know how to decode where the interest of Number 1 could be?

Let us tell you loud and clear, your press statement cannot and does not intimidate or deter us. You are merely showboating. Who told you we care about the law? Who told you we care about public opinion? In fact, the more you people complain, the more we are infuriated to trample on anything. Don’t forget that we can also get any decision we want from any arm of government. We are not only in power, but we are also in charge!!!

By the way, why are you bringing the most patriotic President ever in #Nigeria into your grudge match with Emefiele? How is turning the other way when Emefiele breaks the law an unpatriotic act? You may call it expediency. That is our own doctrine of necessity. It is our time o. Let us do it anyhow “yaga yaga” (as we wish)!

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If it’s you, wouldn’t you look for someone who has shown that he can protect your interest to succeed you?

If you don’t stop this your aluta, we will just declare a state of emergency in your territory. If you are still in doubt about the excellent performance of our boy, Eme, why don’t you ask around. You will be stunned! Flying colours “lomo” (he passed in flying colors). Please don’t ask us about interest rate, value of the naira, GDP, extreme poverty or fidelity to Nigeria. We don’t have your time. We are busy perfecting our next #Emefiele masterstroke.

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Written by Adesoji OMOSEBI

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