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Extortion of Corps Members In Osun : A call for concern by a Serving Corper (READ HIS NASTY EXPERIENCE)

Corps-members' parade

The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) is a program set up by the Nigerian government on the 22nd May 1973 by Yakubu Gowon during the military regime to involve Nigerian graduates in nation building and development.

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Graduates of universities and later polytechnics have been required to take part in the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) program for a period of one year.

These University and Polytechnic graduates are sent from different states of the country to serve in different schools,companies and ministries across all states in Nigeria to promote national unity and patriotism.

Corps members are expected to mix and associate with people of the states that they are posted to, respect peoples’ culture which is aimed at promoting unity and sense of responsibility among the youths.

The rate of extortion going on in various states towards corps members is getting very alarming, most of these corps members are new and unfamiliar with places and distances in the state they are posted and the okada riders ,ubers and bolt drivers tend to take undue advantage to extort money from them because they are ignorant. 

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For example a distance that is suppose to be just N150 or N200 the okada men will add up the money to be 500 naira or even 1000 naira because it is a Corps member. 

A Corp member who shared his experience to news men said,

“I had a terrible experience while I was reporting to Ede Camp on the 20th of march 2022, As a Corps member I have never been to Osun State before and I did not even know my whereabout when I alighted from the vehicle that took me from Benue State to Osun, according to the driver where he droped me was just some few kilometers from Ede camp that I should just take a bike to the camp.

I stopped a bike and the bike man had to take me round and round then finally dropped me at the camps gate and told me I was to pay N2,000 I was shocked and confused  before I could say any thing the man started speaking Yoruba to me I had nothing to do than give him the money because I was new and never knew my way around. What was going on in my mind was I was happy that I am finally in the camp.”

I noticed that I saw thesame place two to three times before he finally stopped at the gate after taking me round. 

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I got to know later that Where the bus from Benue dropped me was Akoda which was less than two kilometers from the NYSC camp.

Speaking to another  corps membe, Olayioye Femi who just passed from the camp has this to say, “I was on my way to my place of Primary Assignment, the bike man charged me N400 instead of N100 I was supposed to pay.”

The complaints are endless from my colleagues who complained of the shuttle buses that ply Osogbo metropolis popularly known as ‘Korope’. They always charge double of the normal transport fares once they know you are a Corper.  Wl

We want the State Government, NURTW and the Association managing the Okada Riders Association to help look into this to reduce the stress we go through daily. 

We want the residents of Osun to accommodate us as their children to prove us right that we are truly in the State of ‘Omoluabis’ as proclaimed by the people.

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