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Father Mbaka says shame to Shehu Garba over contract award allegation, shed more lights

Father Mbaka has reacted to the allegation that he was attacking President Muhammadu Buhari Government because the contract he sought for was not approved.

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Mbaka in a video released by The Punch available to SOJ WORLDWIDE,. said,

“It is a shame to the Special Assistant to the President (Media and Publicity), Shehu Garba and the person (Buhari) who sent him.”

“Why I have been silent, I have been waiting for them to change until God says, speak. The Father Mbaka who speaking is not just a Priest but by the special grace of God the Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit, under the Holy Ghost anointing is a job provider.”

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“To the glory of God those who are benefiting from me, my direct salary earners are not less than 23,000. So, if I can be paying nothing less than 23,000 youths giving them salaries, I mean Direct Workers. My Parkers and loaders I pay them every two weeks.

“And I thank the Governor for giving us enabling environment.”

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That is why you should be praying for Father Mbaka. I dont do what I hide, I am helping the church through labour provision to win souls.”

“The person who is challenging Father Mbaka, how many people are you feeding? So if I talk you talk because the Government is paying you?

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“The three men he talked about, I am not here to defend anybody’s stupid allegation but God used that man to tell the world that Buhari Government is not giving me money. You see how God works?”

“And these are the three men we brought that will handle insecurity.  They had the gadgets, they have the facilities. That was during the first administration. And they said they will help them in conquering insecurity. They had the platform to end insecurity in this country under one month under Abba Kyari, I just handed them over to government people. And they denied them of this, I dont even know these people.”

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“They came to and Enugu and said can I help them to reach the government that the level of insecurity in this country and how Nigeria has been shipping their oil out refining them and bringing them back they we are losing….”


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