FEMI Adesina Protests Twisting Contents Of His New Book On Buhari, People’s Reactions Will Surprise You

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THE Special Adviser (Media and Publicity) to the former President Muhammadu Buhari, Femi Adesina has expressed his anger on readers and the media for allegedly twisting the contents of his new book on Buhari, titled, ‘Working with Buhari’.



In his official X.com Page monitored by SOJ WORLDWIDE, he said the people lied about a plot to kill Nnamdi Kanu and about denial of his access to former CoS, Abba Kyari for five years.


He concluded that it is the opposite of what he said,

“Contortionists have begun to twist the content of my book, ‘Working with Buhari.’ They claim I said COS Abba Kyari denied me access to PMB for 5 years. They lie that there was a plot to kill Nnamdi Kanu abroad. Very opposite of things I wrote. And it’s written in English.” – Femi Adesina.

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Some readers reacted to the above comments positively and negatively,


Femi, you sold your soul for money. Ain’t you ashamed to have worked with one of the most incompetent, visionless, deceptive and corrupt Nigerian president ever ? Buhari took Nigeria backward for 8 years and the so called educated ones kept mute because of money or Cowardice?”

Femi, Can you tell Nigerians why you were speaking on behalf of Buhari from 2015 to 2020 when you do not have access to Buhari according to your statement that you were prevented from seeing him by Abba Kyari? Who authorised the statements you were making on behalf of the so-called Buhari?”

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How is life after Working with Buhari

Mr Femi Adesina???”

I said it but thank God you want to clear air now. It doesn’t even make sense at all.”

I don’t really care about the content of your book, and I would consider it a waste of money to buy it and a waste of time to even read it. You should be thankful that they took the time to read it. All your insults directed at Nigerians are scattered all over the website.”

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Who will believe you? You first Said Nigeria will end importation of petroleum products by 2019. Did Buhari actually arrested MNK or kidnapped him? Is that how US try to get the police officer Abba Kyari? God will Judge you.”

olumide(Truth walks naked but lies must be dressed


Sir, u also goofed on a live radio interview on a Abuja popular radio where u presented snippets of ur d book. Y did I say so? Becos of how u trivially waved aside d Leah sharibu’s issue when u were asked to talk abt it. Sir if she was ur daughter,will u ve treated it wit levity?


You see one like you will only see the good side of working Buhari Cause you are not In the street like common man fighting hard to survive.. Although Buhari may did well in some aspect but we all know that he didnt performed as we expected….”

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, so you have to compel writers on what they titled their books? Have u gotten the copy? To see whether there are achievements mentioned or not? Moreover, did u know in what capacity He works with Buhari? Why drag ethnicity to his deliverables? Yoruba Ronu Ginle.”

If not that you’re been selfish and history won’t forget you, you work with @MBuhari for good 8 years & more, you can’t write a book “My Achievements To Nigeria & Yoruba Under Buhari ” but rather, ‘Working With Buhariʼ, Are You The First Person to work with President/Buhari ?.”

Don’t mind them Sir. I like u so much Sir. And I wish you long life and prosperity.”
Special Adviser to Former President!! Oba Mewa, Igba Mewa!! Nothing lasts forever!! The way una drag Naija backward in 8 years needs to be studied specially.”


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