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It was reported last Thursday, August 31, 2017 that Fidelity Bank sacked all drivers in its employ nationwide.
The news update at the resumption of staff from Sallah holidays showed that those who were unable to sign for their sack letters last Thursday collected it Tuesday morning. The staff accounts of all the drivers given the boot were credited depending on the number of years spent with the bank.
In a twist of event on Tuesday, all drivers resumed at their duty post only to see new drivers occupying their positions. Our investigations revealed that new drivers were interviewed and tested during the holidays and were asked to resume today not minding the risks involved in employing new hands into sensitive units of the bank.
The thinking that all drivers sacked would re-apply under outsourced new management did not arise as the management of the bank decided to do away with them.
Some of the new drivers employed were believed not to have received their employment letters as at the time of their resumption this morning according to a source who does not want his name in print.
Drivers who would not want their names mentioned have taken their disengagement from the bank as an act of God and said they would invest their little terminal benefits on a viable businesses to be managed by them.
It would be recalled that not all the drivers were sacked. In Ibadan for example, in all the five branches only three drivers were retained as at the time of filing this report. All others including Despatched Riders were also sacked.
The mass sack did not exclude other branches nationwide.
This is first time in the history of Fidelity Bank that any categories of staff would be given mass disengagements from the bank.
It was not the best of times for the management of the bank and the drivers.
Those who have spent between ten to fifteen years who have lost hope of getting their retirement benefits were however seen thanking God for being alive to receive their entitlements in Fidelity Bank.
The drivers’ solidarity to engage the management of the bank in fighting for their entitlements resulted in the bank taking this decision to lay them off with payment of their terminal benefits and hire new hands.
It is hoped that this will bring to an end the prolonged crisis between both parties. © September 6, 2017.

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