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FROM THE ARCHIVE! Mindset of the north against the IGBOS, others, where the problems start, Sir Ahmadu Bello pronouncement

The Sardauna of Sokoto, Sir Ahmadu Ibrahim Bello did not mince word on the northern obsession for the Igbos and other tribes in Nigeria.


In an interview granted before his assassination in January 15, 1966 by the Major Kaduna Nzeogwu led first military coup in Nigeria available to SOJ WORLDWIDE, Ahmadu Bello said the Igbos always like to dominate anywhere they are. He went further that henceforth that they would rather go for an expatriates than work with other tribes, when they will it will only be on contract basis.

“The Igbos are more or less the type of people whose desire is  mainly to dominate everybody.  If they go to a village or towns they want to monopolise everything in that area.  If you put them in a labour camp as a labourer within a year they will try to emerge as a Headman of that camp and so on.”

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“In the past our people were not alive to their responsibilities because you can see the Northaenization Policy in the past in 1952 when I came here there was only ten Northerners in our Civil Service here.”

“…All important posts are being held by Northerners.”

A question was asked if the policy of the key post being held by Northerners is temporary or permanent one, he answered,


“In actual fact, what it is is Northerners first, if we cant get a Northerner we get an expatriate like yourself on contract, if we cant, we can employ ANOTHER NIGERIAN but on contract too.  This is going to be permanent as far as I can foresee because it would  rather be dangerous to see the number of boys we are now turning from all our leaning institutions coming out…”



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Written by Adesoji OMOSEBI

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