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For some reason, rumour and false information spreads faster than the truth, although the truth is ultimately overpowering.

This is probably my immediate reaction to the news spreading like wildfire at the State of Osun at the moment. Today you hear of one group or persons working against the success of the party or the governor on this coming bye-election in Osun West senatorial district.

Very recently, the name of Barrister Wale Afolabi the former Attorney General of the state came to me as a rude shock. How on earth would he betray Ogbeni or the party? I began to ask. Nonetheless, Osun is gradually becoming the garden of rumour mongers. My question is; should we continue like this even as we face a bigger challenge ahead?

I was forced to put an urgent call to Barrister Wale Afolabi and promptly in his usual pro-activeness, he made himself available to clear the dust, as he joined my legal team on a case instituted against a fraudulent guy in Ife. The opportunity availed him to dismiss the insinuation cum innuendos flying across the state. In his words; “Makinde, I can never be involved in such and I so much appreciate your kindness for deeming it fit to ask me”.

It is sure, Ogbeni will not believe such mischievous rumour laced with hatred.

Why is it that our people, media houses and much more within the political class report so much false news? I guess they do that for cheap popularity cum pull-him-down-syndrome. It is becoming very frequent and disturbing.

Most people do not know what to believe anymore. Many of us do not know who exactly has become the party enemy or the governor’s traitor for falsehood now reign supreme. It is almost guaranteed that a news report linking Alhaji Diekola will fly like wild fire. We all remember the Soyinka- Igbo incident which later turned out to be false.

Recently, all we saw and heard were speculations on appointments and premature announcement of appointments that later became untrue. Next on misguided lips are to pin those they thought may not be happy with the recent appointments. If only we can discourage ourselves from peddling rumours, the better for us as Omoluabi.

Hon Rotimi Makinde is a former Honourable member of the House of Representatives, a Nollywood Actor, and Founder of Odua FM. He writes for SOJWORLDWIDE. © July 4, 2017.

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