Governor Adeleke’s Daughter-In-Law Exposes House Help Allegedly Sleeping With Her Husband

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Korth Heidi, the wife to Governor Adeleke’s son, Sina Rambo, has exposed the lady allegedly having a romantic affair with her husband.





Recall that Korth has been in a running battle with her husband since December 2022, over several family issues including alleged domestic violence.




Taking to her Instagram page Instagram, Korth shared a picture of their house help, allegedly sleeping with Sina Rambo.



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According to Korth, she brought the lady from Lagos, fed and paid her her N35,000 salary but she went to her back to reveal information about her to Sina at the time she wanted to quit the job.




“This is the house help Sina Adeleke has been sleeping with. A girl I brought from Lagos to my house, fed gave her a bed to sleep and gave her 50,000 naira day before yesterday. When she said she wanted to leave. Her salary is 35,000. She went back to him and is revealing information to him so he can send my family. Peace Paul and Sina Adeleke. Both are disgusting and GOD will punish you. Look at this dirty girl Sina you are disgusting”

In another lengthy post, Korth also alleged that Adeleke’s son is owing Northside Hospital in Atlanta, the sum of $48,000 for their daughter’s delivery fee.


She called him a criminal, stating that Sina Rambo dropped her personal details with the hospital instead of his own and the hospital management has been disturbing her over the bill.

According to her, she is unbothered if their daughter’s American passport gets revoked over the non-payment of the hospital bill as she is ready to give her a German passport.

Adeleke’s daughter-in-law added she decided to leave their marriage with her kids for the sake of her mental health.



“Sina Rambo is owing Northside hospital Atlanta 48,000 dollars which is he hasn’t paid for the birth of his daughter @northsidehosp. He gave my phone number and email instead of his and they have been calling me since from America about the bills. This man is CRIMINAL and knows what he is doing. At this point I don’t care whether they revoke her American passport due to non payment of hospital faces. I am ready to give her a German passport as her mother.

“Sina go and pay your debt and stop ranting. You have beaten me up, cheated, sent your sisters to gang up against me and beat me up in PUBLIC at OK restaurant Lagos. I left with my kids for my mental health and theirs. Now he is threatening me. Sina leave me and my kids alone.

“And go pay your debt. Debt everywhere. If anything should @sinaranmbo it anything should arise y’all hold that childish 12 years old Ina grown man’s body responsible. Sina leave me and my children alone. I have given you your space so why disturbing and threatening me up and down?”


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