HARDSHIP: Man cuts off cousin’s manhood for stealing his N3,500

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The theft of N3,500 turned bloody in Babana Borgu in New Bussa Local Government area of Niger State when Aliyu Mohammadu allegedly cut off his cousin’s, Ibrahim manhood for stealing his money.

Confessing to the crime, the suspect said that he has no regret over what happened, threatening more harm if his money is not given to him.
” What I need is my N3,500, otherwise I am going to do more harm in the family. I have two wives and two children to cater for, I need my money to look after them.”
It was learnt that Mohammadu and Ibrahim have not been in good terms and when he confronted the victim over the missing money, he denied taking his money.
“And when I confronted him on his way to farm, he told me to go and look for where I kept my money, insisting that I should not disturb him again about the money. I got annoyed and attacked him with my cutlass which resulted cutting off his manhood.

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“My cousin was rude to me after he made away with my N3,500, he fought me, that was why I cut off genital organ leaving him in pool of blood,” he explained.
The Niger state Police Public Relations Officer, Peter Sunday said the suspect was arrested for cutting off his cousin’s manhood by the operatives in New Bussa Division.
Sunday however said that Ibrahim was rushed to a specialist hospital in Ilorin, kwara State for treatment and he is currently undergoing treatment.
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