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HIDAYAH empowers the youths on ABC of  how to become successful entrepreneurs in 21st century (A MUST READ BLUEPRINT TO BECOME AN ENTREPRENEUR)

HIDAYAH Entrepreneur held its 4th Empowerment Seminar on Saturday, August 14, 2021, on how to become successful entrepreneurs in the 21st century.


The Seminar that took place in SOB Conference and Event Centre, Osogbo, Osun State witnessed facilitators who are successful entrepreneurs in their various fields.

The Chairman of the Program, Professor Kehinde O. Olusegun who delivered a keynote address lamented the lack of focus by the youths of today and said they should always pay attention to details and be serious.

The host of the seminar, Dr. Abdulsalam Akanji Tawakalitu (Mrs) advised the youths that their dreams can easily come through if they are dedicated to their visions to become successful in their various endeavors.


Five Speakers delivered lectures in various stages on how to become successful in their chosen fields, according to the first Speaker, Bukola Idowu who speak on the topic, “How to build a sustainable business in the 21st Century”

She said to build a sustainable business the need to understand the dynamics of 21st-century attributes is inevitable.

She itemized what to do for your business to be successful which includes,

  • Patience, the time factor, business intelligence,

  • Technology: You can’t build your business without technology

  • Respect time for your productions.

  • Social Media to drive your business

  • To drive your business: You need to drive your business from local Business to state, regional, national, continental, and global. 


The second Speaker, Mrs. Oyedeji Monsurat delivered a lecture on; “To Be Relevant In The Future, What You Need To Know.

She said the reality of today is that certificate is becoming less valuable and technology goes beyond what you think or know today, therefore, technology is an instrument in modern-day reality to be successful in your entrepreneurship.

She enjoined the youths to acquire skills that would make them be relevant in the business world instead of looking for jobs.  She advised parents to study their children to know what they have passion for in order to encourage them to pursue it to become successful in life.

 The third speaker, Yinka Anjous who said “To hell with the boss”, The world hates change”. 


 He delved into how to manage your life with the process as follows: How To Manage Your Life: The Process: 

  • Deciding what to do – Planning.

  • Deciding how to do it -; Organize your life.

  • Directing performance – Leading  (Follow your leading, beware of distractions).

  • Evaluating performance – To Control your performance. (To control actual against expected performance).

  • Knowing what to change.

  • Raise your standard, don’t run away from your challenges, face it squarely. The other side of problems is called opportunities.

How to run your business:

Capital, Corporate governance, the dedication of duty, goal setting, neatness, politeness, honesty, don’t spend everything you earn.


He defined the acronym of the popular TETMOSSOL soap as:

Time, Energy, Talent, Money (Multiple streams of income), Organization, Strategic Thinking, Skill Acquisition, Originality, Learning.

The Fourth Speaker,  Mr. Mohammed Basheer spoke on “Customer Driven Entrepreneurship Ideas:  Need-Based Products and Services.”

The keywords are:

  • Think about managing your business.

  • Customers are partners in progress 

  • Don’t produce what you want, produce what your customers need.

  • Think of what would be my customer’s expectations in the next 20 years

  • Your decision to go into business you should be based on what your customers need.

  • Think of what your customers need.

  • Think of how to satisfy them.

  • Who are your target customers?

  • What do your customers want?

  • Identify the needs of your customers, at least ten.

  • Evaluation of compliance – Can I meet my customer’s expectations?


The Chairman of the seminar capped it all with the topic:  Building A Brand Out of Your Dreams – The Prospects, The Challenges.

He itemized what needs to be done to be a successful entrepreneur without which it would not be an easy ride to climb the ladder to the top,

  • You need to understand your audience.

  • You need to understand what your competitors are doing.

  • Keep your products, You can discriminate your markets by selling at different prices to people of different classes.

  • Write your slogans, chose a simple name.

  • A brand is a symbolic identity.

  • Avoid the confusion of your market.

  • Chose the look of your brand.

  • Design your logo and make it friendly.

  • There must be an identity, image, culture.

  • Have a personality for your products.

  • Right brand and compelling vision. 

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Written by Adesoji OMOSEBI

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