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I find it extremely necessary to react to all the news surrounding the impeding and the on going demolition exercise in Akute Alagbole Ajuwon of Ogun State in which a building belonged to me was involved.
It was never a calamity that befall me as an individual as wrongly insinuated rather It saddened my heart that this is neither a palatable news I would love having my name associated with, nor is it a good news worthy of celebrations for me as a politician.

_I have therefore chose to take the pains to make the following submissions:

That I sincerely appreciate all those who showed love to me at this turbulent period which includes family,friends ,fans, gentlemen of the press and entire society.

Indeed, the issues was actually blown out of proportion I guess because I happened to be a notable public figure, and from same political party, APC in the vicinity which attracts people’s exclamation.
This was my conclusion because there were quite a number of other victims facing similar challenges.

Let it be known that I have taken it in good faith to overcome the great shock.

Although, I felt devastated that the state was inconsistent with their plan but I can honestly read in between the lines that the decision is in the overall best interest of the public. In which, as a public person with such ingenuity must also be ready like others to embrace the sudden change towards the progress of our society.

That my building was involved and at this period was a mere coincidence and should not be seen by anybody as politically intimidation on my personality.

To the best of my knowledge,this area of course is not the first and the only area Ogun State Government is embarking on infrastructural project, it has affected thousands of people too before it finally turned to my side.

On this note,I humbly charge the public to join me in seeing it as an act of God, sacrifice as many of us does for the development of our community.

Once again,I will like to appreciate those who stood by me in this difficult period.

Meanwhile, I join other affected victims in embracing the great moves by Senator Ibikunle Amosun and understanding it as mission to rebuild and reshape Ogun State.

Long live Ogun State… Long live Nigeria…
God bless us all.

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