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Hon. Rotimi Makinde has a thick skin and a stromg shock absorber to absorb myriads of attacks and commendations.
He has however received more commendations than attacks in his political journey.
His foremost critics have come to realise he is mostly misunderstood and have come to accept him as a man of the people.
He welcomes and seek advice, prayers that would further enhance his service to the people.

The excerpt of his press release:

Let me humbly appreciate everybody who have said or post one thing or the other about my person. This is very encouraging and quite good that we are appreciating each other.
However, comments and encomiums such as all these simply put moral burden and challenges on me as an individual and as a politician to continue to do all those things I am known for and for which I shall pleasantly remain your affectionate and choice in my call to service and most importantly in our community for which I was born.

I would also love to seek your prayers, advice and to begin to read and receive your private messages on those things needed of me to further excel or score beyond my present forty nine percent you awarded me.
It would therefore be my joy to beat existing records.
Service remained a call I can not afford to ignore.
Sincere appreciation.
I shall endeavour to remain yours,
Chief Servant of Ife

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