Hon. Rotimi Makinde urges the rich to remember the less privilege as he felicitates with Christians on Xmas Day

Hon. Rotimi Makinde urges the rich to remember the less privilege
Hon. Rotimi Makinde urges the rich to remember the less privilege
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The former member of House of Representatives and the Chairman of Oodua FM, Ile-Ife, Hon. Rotimi Makinde felicitated with Christians on Christmas Day describing our being alive as a privilege from Almighty God.
Hon. Makinde said, “looking at our left and right, we must have heard or seen how many people who never made it this far, either by death, accident or how some of us happen to be on sick bed at this festive period. Take it or leave it, it is not by our power that we are alive in this celebrating mood but by divine privilege bestowed on us by almighty God.”

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He enjoined the privilege individuals, politicians, Pastors to remember the poor in our midst by extending our love and care, “If you have more than one or two chickens to yourself during this festivity, then you are unfair to others.
If you are keeping more than enough rice and keeping too many to last you for several months, then you are the most unfair to others who are left with nothing to eat.

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My dear brothers and sisters, that huge cash you are keeping in banks while many failed to receive their salaries may not be spent by you only if you accept the fact that it’s not by your power you are seeing the end of this year.”
He reminded those at the corridors of power, “you are in government and care less about millions and thousands of people, you are simply daring God.
Let our Happy Xmas mean happiness to many less privileged,” he concluded.

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