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How Tinubu helped me become Jigawa governor – Badaru 

The Governor of Jigawa State, Muhammad Badaru, on Friday, recalled how former Lagos Governor, Bola Tinubu, help create the All Progressives Congress (APC), the party under which he became governor in 2015.

Speaking to the party’s delegates at the Manpower Development Institute, Dutse, in the presence of Mr Tinubu, who was in the state to canvas for votes for the forthcoming party’s presidential primaries, the governor said Mr Tinubu’s support made it possible for him to win the governorship election in 2015.

“In 2011, we were looking for platform to contest the gubernatorial election in Jigawa, Asiwaju Bola Ahmad Tinubu provided me with that platform, in that election I came second.

“Despite all the challenges, it was the contest that help galvanize my support, making it possible for me to win election in 2015,” Mr Badaru said amid loud cheers from the arena, which was filled with the party’s delegates and faithfuls.

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The governor said he is one of the few who can walk into Mr Tinubu’s bedroom, wake him up even if he is sleeping. He said a strong bond exists between them.

In Jigawa, the governor said they are Buharist (Diehard fans of president Buhari) and they can do whatever the president ask them to do, but nobody can be more Buharist than Mr Tinubu, nobody knows the friendship, link between President Muhammadu Buhari and Mr Tinubu.

He said no matter what people say on the streets, Mr Buhari holds Mr Tinubu dearly.

“Sir, in Jigawa, we always say we will do what President Muhammadu Buhari ask us to do. We know your relationship with Buhari and he (Mr Buhari) treats me like a son and I will always respect and cherish that. Sir you are welcome to Jigawa State, count on our loyalty,” Governor Badaru said.

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While addressing the delegates, Mr Tínubu said though Mr Badaru is contesting against him, he will defeat the governor during the primary. Mr Tinubu’s jocular comments was greeted with loud applause from the delegates with many hailing and shouting out Mr Tinubu’s monikers – ‘Asiwaju of Lagos’ the ‘Jagaban of Bargu’

“Governor Badaru is my brother, we started the ACN together, it does not mean we cannot compete, we are like a conjoined twins, it will take a specialist doctor to separate us, evil will not separate us,” the former Lagos governor said.

He pleaded for the support of the state’s party’s delegates to vote for him to pursue his political ambition, to become the next president of Nigeria.

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