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One would ask, where do we go from here? Who do you trust? Human head found in the vineyard of God according to City Mirror News. Very disheartning!

There seems to be no sacred place in the ongoing discovery of human parts in some parts of Osun state.
A human head has been said to be discovered by the police in a Christ Apostolic Church (CAC) in Edunabo, Ife-North Local Government of the state on Monday.
CityMirrorNews gathered the human head was found under a big mortal kept in the bamboo constructed church.
The pastor of the church, Mr Dayo Adeyemi popularly called Efa-Efa has been arrested by the police.
It was learnt that some youths of the community who had been observing the conduct of the pastor stormed the church on Sunday and vandalized.
The youths alleged the pastor of rape and other sexual harassment and some other misconducts.
CityMirrorNews learnt that action of the youths caused panic in the community and called for the attention of the police.
The police went to the church on Monday and conducted search where the human head was discovered.
The youths attempted to lynch the pastor but for the police’s intervention with Armoured Personnel Carrier used in dispersing the irate youths.
The church which was located at Anglican High School, Edunabon, was said to have been vandalized by the aggrieved youths in the community (c) August 7, 2017.

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