IF Sanwo-Olu gets away with this, I have to have guns, militant group to be Governor – RHODES-VIVOUR (VIDEO)

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In a recent Press Conference that was held by Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivor, the Lagos State governorship candidate of the Labour Party in the just concluded Lagos State Guber election, where he lost to APC’s Sanwo-Olu.



During the Press Conference, he answered questions on how he was going to challenge the results of the election in court. He also said that his campaign brought out a new set of voter that could not be bribed and accused the APC of using thugs and violence to intimate people that wanted to vote other political parties, not just Igbos, but Yorubas.



While responding to a question, he said that if the APC gets away with what they did in Lagos, it means that if he wants to become a governor in the next election, he would have militants with guns and other weapons.

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Gbadebo condemned the APC government for keeping quiet while people were intimidated during the election because it favoured them. It just means that if I want to be governor of Lagos, I have to have a militant group, I have to have guns.



He said, “Nobody is going to get away with this. This is not our Gbadebo anymore, the moment these people get away with this, any further election in Lagos State is war. It just means that if I want to be governor of Lagos, I have to have a militant group, I have to have guns.”


SOURCE:. Phoenix

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