Hon. Rotimi Makinde
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Without mincing words, the late Senator Isiaka Adeleke was a great politician, laudable philanthropist that certainly touched many lives while alive. He was a former governor of our dear State of Osun, in fact the pioneer governor and the very first youth with such opportunity. He had so many legacies that shall continue to live after him.

The history of our dear state can never be complete without a mention of his name. These historical facts, assertions and many more are facts we cannot erase from history.

His life and time ended untimely but not his history and at no fault of anybody but “destiny” for death remains a necessary end for us all.”Eniyan ire Ki Ku.”  He was so dear to us as a person, a former governor, our distinguished Senator and mentor to many of us.

He cannot cease to exist nor can we erase his memory …” Adiye Ki Ku ka da eyin e nu.”

Dr. Demola Adeleke’s case, his brother of same blood is quite different, it is the beginning of a new era for him and the family. He has the right to aspire to any elective post as a citizen of this great country.

Young Demola Adeleke is like an egg, hatched by the same father and mother of late Isiaka Adeleke, may not be well groomed to understand that we truly loved his brother, appreciate his legacy but hate how his aftermath was hijacked by his “real enemies” and those he stood against while alive. Choosing to fit into his brother’s “oversized” shoe is his choice. Choosing to pitch his tent with his brother’s so called enemy is also his choice. That he jettisoned his brother’s party and ‘principle of never” to identify with miscreants is indeed his choice.

That certainty cannot erase his brother’s record as the first executive governor of the state and a philanthropist of note. In our pre-election campaign of 2014, this same estranged descendant of great Senator Adeleke was always with us from pillar to post and at every podium displaying his “Skelewu” dancing skills.

His presence then, and that of his late brother was very colourful, winning crowd and votes for our dear party. Unfortunately, it is this same dancing skill we are today condemning! Politics is truly an amazing game. Let us not forget that we used to celebrate his dancing steps as he identified with us in 2014, the same hobby we now find disgusting.

He is a personal friend to many of us, but we must by now distanced ourselves from him for he is today wining, dancing and dinning in the “killer’s nest.”

  • If some of us had our way
  • if the APC party’s name and our dear governor’s name had not been so maligned,
  • if Dr Demola had been so principled like us
  • and he had joined us to stop the indiscriminate and unnecessary malicious attacks on his late brother’s party and friends for that matter even while he, Demosco had the golden chance to liberate the public that it was “Asarailu” that killed the man, SERUBAWON, he would have stood a better chance to pick the party ticket with little efforts especially if his destiny was to become a Senator for at least two years.

Alas, his body language and the prolonged silence of his during the inglorious days of the serious satanic attacks on the party, the governor and even on another good product of Ede, Hon Idiat Babalola who was almost killed but for the intervention of Ogun State governor, Senator Ibikunke Amosun and the fuelling of the crisis by the opposition was damned too worrisome.

Dr. Ademola Adeleke indeed missed so many golden chances to caution, restrain and re-engineer the sour relationship between the party and Adeleke dynasty. He wasted the opportunity to stop the slaughtering and the malicious conducts of those who were only willing to inherit his late brother’s kingdom.”Ori to ma supo Ki jeki Alaisan o ye.”

It is very painful!

If late Senator Adeleke has a five minute chance to return to this sinful world, he would probably correct the negative and corrupt impression being peddled by the misguided public and guide the family accordingly.

It was all laced with hate and unnecessary salvos by the family in the name of politics.

Let whoever killed ADELEKE stay put in this sinful world and die no more.


Also a point of note is that I cannot say if Dr Ademola intimated Ogbeni or the APC Chairman of his intention to contest except for the form he obtained and the celebration of Senator Hussein temporary disqualification.

There is more for him to learn in politics. At any rate, the purpose of this write-up is to caution us as a people and for us to be guided by the simple analysis that late Isiaka Adeleke retraced his step at a stage in his life, he was at one time slapped, disgraced but found helpful hand in Gov Rauf Adesoji Aregbesola, they were both fond of each other. Both helped each other and reciprocated love.

Gen. Olagunsoye Oyinlola, Senator Musiliu Obanikoro and many others were in the other nest, but today we are together in APC.

Dr Demola Adeleke may soon retrace his steps and return to where his brother would have loved him to be, therefore derogatory words being used today may become perpetual scars.

My take is very simple, my appeal to all of us is to be cautious with our language during this on-going campaign against the family, the same dynasty who produced our very first Governor. The home of that great philanthropist for whatever we do is not going to be against Dr. Demola as an individual, he is the political pupil of today, the new bride of the PDP.

The bridge of the Adagunodos, who may be estranged today but may be ours tomorrow, to do otherwise may be cancerous to the memory of our truly loved Senator Isiaka Adeleke, it may amount to insulting that very man we never wanted dead.

If Dr. Demola were to be a realist, he would know that it is going to be against his brother’s followers, his brother’s party and against their respected father’s principle. He may be enjoying the cajoling of those hanging around him today, the PDP party that needed someone to champion their unity. Their funds may be meaningful to him and their friendship may be a great succour and a temporary relief for him.

He may be enjoying the undue publicity and those temporary friends that are presently leeching around him; that is politics.

Many of them are those who wish to apologize to his late brother but lost the chance and now using him as an avenue and realignment tool for their disgruntled party (PDP); they are sick people and nothing more. His late brother at a time retraced his step before he left us unceremoniously. I pray he would also have the opportunity to have a rethink, apologise and come back to us for he never belonged to them.

If we truly loved late Senator Isiaka Adetunji Adeleke, let us as a people and as a party give room for his brother to come back for he will find it difficult to win this election against the very institution his brother helped to build. Just my little cents.




Hon Rotimi Makinde is a former Honourable member of the House of Representatives, a Nollywood Actor, and Founder of Odua FM. He writes for SOJWORLDWIDE.




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