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Igboho puts Lagos rally on hold to honour victims of attack

Self-acclaimed Yoruba activist, Sunday Igboho has cancelled Saturday’s rally in Lagos to demand for Yoruba Nation after his wife was kidnapped and two other people killed in an attack on is home early Thursday.

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Gunmen attacked Igboho’s house in Ibadan on Thursday morning, with his wife reportedly abducted and two people killed in the incident.

Igboho told BBC Pidgin on Thursday that the rally had been cancelled.

He confirmed that his wife was kidnapped and two people killed, saying that the gunmen were in military uniform when they attacked his house at Soka area.

Igboho said he was in his house around 1:30am and that he heard gunshots in front of his house and shout, saying that the people were saying they were DSS and soldiers, and asked him to come out.

He said he peeped through his window and that he saw the gunmen dressed in DSS and Nigerian army uniform, adding that he was surprised as he did not kill anybody.

Igboho stated that the attack came as a surprise to him because he is an activist for the safety of the people and that he is a violent-free man.

According to him, he is fighting for the people and that the proposed rally was supposed to be peaceful.

“I fight for my family (Yoruba) because Fulani bandits killed my family, rape them. Government refused to do the right thing for my family. That is why I am fighting for them, so I am surprised. They killed two people during the shooting, and they destroyed my property and my vehicles,” he said.



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Written by Adesoji OMOSEBI

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