INGLORIOUS Send Forth for Dino Melaye in Kogi By LEGENDARY (A MUST READ)

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Inglorious Send-Forth, an official retirement crusade, the quietus of Melaye’s political career.
But how did this come to be?




Shall I Begin?

1. The 34th law of the laws 48 laws of Power: ‘Be Royal in your own fashion: Act like a King to be treated as One.’




Conversely, Act like a clown and you definitely will be treated as one. It will amaze you that Dino is perhaps the most certificated of all the candidates in the Kogi Guber Race but whenever he appears, Kogites do not see a candidate, they see a Jest, a Clown, a Mascot at best.





They saw the dude Falling himself on stages in dry mockery of a Titan his generation is unfit to tie his lace. They saw a man who spewed stories of how he challenged Monkeys to the art of inhabiting trees.




They saw a man who makes a garage of his living room. Kogites are happy seeing Dino, for he offers entertainment value, but they didn’t see a Governor in him.



The 5th Law comes to mind; ‘So much depends on Reputation- Guard it with your life’

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2. Infection: Avoid the unhappy and Unlucky.

The above is the 9th law, emotional states are as infectious as diseases. You may feel you are helping a drowning man but you are only precipitating your own disaster. As the unfortunate draw misfortune on themselves, they also rub some on you. Dino stayed too long with a perennial failure, a 6th time defeated Gehazi and got himself webbed in misfortune.





Haven’t you wondered why no Governor of PDP who had cases in court accompanied Gehazi to the Tribunal? They understood the law and stood far from Leprosy, Dino didn’t get the memo and here he is.





3. Know who you are dealing with – Do not offend the Wrong Person:

That being the 19th Law. Not all destinies are the same and not all humans can be violated… Dino as Senator went on an unprovoked episodes of attacks against the person of Senator Remi Tinubu.




Infact rumours had it he threatened to have carnal knowledge of the Matriarch of d Asiwaju’s Dynasty How low can a Man descend? But since Nature abhors injustice, the woman is now in the Villa as 1st Lady while the son of Melaye returns to his enclave as a disgraced politician.




How Time Flies..








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