INSIDE LIFE: ANOTHER barbaric jungle justice ever known to man on two men in Anambra (VIDEO PLUS COMMENTS)

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THIS is yet another jungle justice in the Southeast few days after two people were burnt to death.




This incident showed that some human beings have finally sold their conscience to satan, how can one explain one out of two that were ablaze tried to escape with fire on him running, he was caught and set ablaze the second time.



The wicked act was widely condemned.

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The responsible majority in the East must vocalize their opposition against the gruesome actions of a misguided few before it completely goes out of control. I can personally attest to the goodness and humanity of my friends there.

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“When Chinedu and Omama were barbarically burned alive last week in Anambra, I was insulted for calling @PeterObi out to condemn the cruelty publicly. Unfortunately, Peter, as one of the stakeholders in Anambra and the entire region, didn’t say a word. Today, another video of a yet-to-be-identified young men sadly received exact barbarism, being burned alive by his fellow human beings.”


What exactly is wrong with these people? Meanwhile all their sudden advocates of good governance will unlook and keep mum since this is not Sokoto or Kaduna, neither is it Lagos. They love to fix other regions but they are happy to see their people continue in barbarism.”

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I think the Southeast houses some of the most heartless & wicked people in the country, to the extent that they have normalized the practice of mob justice in the region. Every week, there’s a new video of someone getting burnt in the East for stealing foodstuff. It’s now a trend.”





That’s the region of the dead of course. Peter Obi’s State, to be precise. They find comfort in shedding blood, they set people on fire for fun. Welcome to Southeast, the worst region in Nigeria right now.”




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