INSIDE LIFE: HUSBAND files divorce two days after wedding (REASONS WILL SHOCK YOU)

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A man who has just wedded for two days has filed a divorce over his wife’s rude behaviour towards his mother.





According to reports, the wife got into a physical fight with her mother-in-law at their wedding reception.





It happened that a couple from the groom’s mother’s side attended the occasion at a time food had finished.





A portion of food the bride left for her parents was the only available option.

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So the mother-in-law had approached her daughter-in-law and whispered to her that she’ll like to take some of the food to give the couple who came from a far distance.





The new bride vehemently refused, saying the food was meant for only her parents.





Mother-in-law who looked frustrated already, went ahead to scoop some food herself but the bride took it from her and poured it back into the cooler.

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Angrily, the mother-in-law slapped her son’s wife and she slapped the mother inlaw back.




The husband learnt of what happened, decided to be patient for the wedding reception to be over. After two days,he filed for a divorce.

Credit: Queen Eva Doosh (SpyNigeria)

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  1. Pls take down this picture of this couple as you guys are spreading false and fake news. It’s so sad that media houses as you guys will descend so low to spread fake news all for for gain. Shame on you all

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