INSIDE LIFE: I got dis-virgin€d by my father at 10 – DAUGHTER NARRATES URGLY ORDEAL (VIDEO)

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A young lady narrated her ordeal with her biological father in an interview with jaPR.

She narrated how her father dis-virgined her when she was 10-year old and continued until he was reported after she courageously reported him.



“I got disvirgined by my father when I was at the age of 10 years old. The first time it happened I explained to my mom she did not do anything about it. So I was like why did she not do anything about it, I called her that mom, something like this happened, she said it will be fine that she would do something about it. I said okay, well that time I was still small, I think it was normal, so it happened the second time again. That was when I was 10 going to 11 years old. He had sex with me again.

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This is your biological father?



And you told your mum she didn’t do anything?

She did not do anything about it.

What’s your mum’s background, like where is she from, like where did you guys live?


We live at Room and Parlour Self Contained.



And she didn’t do anything?



Did you have any other source of friendship, loved ones?

No I don’t, I don’t have friends.

You didn’t have cousins, Aunties, nobody?


No I have no one, like my daddy did not want me to because sometimes whenever, maybe Christmas I’ll be like Dad I want to go and do holiday in one of his sister’s place, or mummy’s brother place, he was like no, I should not go, I should just be with him always.

At 10 I believe that you had a little sense of what was going on?You understood everything was wrong. Did you ask him why?

Yes, I asked him why, he was like it’s normal, that’s what he told me.

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Where’s your father right now?

He’s at the Police Station cause I don’t know what they’re doing about it now.

When did this come to light? When did you report the case?


That was in January

This January?


Yes, ’cause it has happened for so long.

The first ever time he tried it what’s your thought, like where were you?

I was like is this man okay? But the way he was doing, so I was thinking what he was doing was normal.


And you asked him and he said that?

Yes that’s what he told me. He said it’s normal that if I go online I will see it that it happened.


How did you get to reporting him, Like what was the courage, How did we get here?

Cause it always happened.

Was this constantly?

Like 3 times in a week.

Have you been to the hospital?

When I went to go and report so they took me to Mirabel that’s where they go.

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Can you run us through that day you actually left home when you reported him?

Okay it was this year, that was in January, because he sent me messages to help him repair POS machine. So when I was thinking about what happened. I was like let me go and report. Cause what happened is that. Why I was still there was because of my education. Well if I should run away it will affect my education. So I had to stay to the extent that when I want to do my WAEC. That was 2020. He was like he has to sleep with me first, before he could pay the money for WAEC.

Are you sure he is your father? Did you asked your mum?

Yes, She said yes!






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