INSIDE LIFE: Lady strips naked, beaten mercilessly by family members for allegedly stealing daughter’s boyfriend number (WATCH VIDEOS OF ABUSE)

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A student of Federal University Lafia in Nasarawa State was beaten to stupor by family members of her colleague identified as Emmanuela for allegedly stealing her boyfriend’s number in their hostel.








It all started from the threads of video watched by SOJ WORLDWIDE correspondent on Twitter that Emmanuela discovered that her colleague has her boyfriend’s number on her phone and asked her to delete it while the other lady felt reluctant in doing so.

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It was at this point that the beatings started from Emmanuela before her brother, father took over with more severe beatings to the extent that the father was seen using scissors to strip the blouse of the lady.









The father was also seen using a big stick to beat the young lady.

Twitter users were enraged by the attitude of the father and family members for taking laws into their hands.






In one of the threads, a call was made to the Human Rights Commission in Lafia for their immediate intervention.

This is to call the attention of the Law Enforcement Agents to wade into this matter as urgent as possible after watching the videos below.

The story was interesting but very sad indeed!
















EPISODE 2 & 3:







EPISODE 5 & 6:





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