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INSIDE LIFE: Man Killed By Wife’s Lesbian Partner Buried Amid Tears(READ FULL DETAILS +VIDEO) 

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A man identified as Ikechukwu, commonly known as Ayaaya, who was reportedly killed by a woman suspected of being his wife’s lesbian partner, has been buried in Onitsha.

News of Ikechukwu’s death broke early August when he was reportedly stabbed to death by his wife’s lesbian partner after allegedly catching them both in bed at his home.

Another version of the story also said that the deceased had ended the relationship between his wife and her lesbian partner, a development that angered the partner and led to her tormenting the family on and off.

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Sources said the alleged killer happily confiscated money given to her lover’s maid to buy items and on the fateful day she confiscated money from the maid intended for fuel.

Unable to withstand the humiliation, Ikechukwu is said to have stormed the home of the woman’s lesbian partner and severely warned her, but she challenged him and when an argument ensued, she stabbed him with a knife, resulting in his death.

A reliable source from Onitsha said that the man was buried in Onitsha over the weekend.





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“It was like a big party. I think he’s a member of a cult. His cult members carried his coffin from Boromeo Hospital on their shoulders back to his home in Inland Town while the ambulance hired for him drove behind them empty.

“His friends shot up in the air and spun. Even the coffin he was buried in was branded with the logo of the sect he belonged to.”


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Written by Ruth Semilore

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