INSIDE LIFE: Woman regains freedom after spending 8-months in jail for stealing shirt and cooler

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The Adamawa State Jail Delivery Committee(JDC) has set a middle-aged woman known as Zuwaira Yusuf, free after spending 8 months in prison custody for stealing a shirt and cooler in Adamawa State.




Zuwaira, a divorcée was convicted and sentenced to 2 years imprisonment for the offence of theft and was serving her jail term at Hong Correctional Center. She was sent to Hong correctional center by the Chief Magistrate Court in Gombi LGA after she was tried and found guilty of theft.




On Wednesday, September 20, Yusuf was set free by the State Jail Delivery Committee(JDC) headed by the Chief Judge, Hon. Justice Hapsat Abdulrahaman, when the committee visited the correctional center and heard her case.


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