INSIDE LIFE:Nigerian student sentenced to 11-month imprisonment for assaulting wife in UK

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A Nigerian student at Bangor University, North Wales, United Kingdom, John Nwadiaju, was sentenced to 11 months imprisonment and suspended for one year for violently attacking and abusing his wife, Kosisochukwu Echem.

According to North Whales Chronicle, on Friday, the 34-year-old was handed the sentence, which included 250 hours of unpaid work, at the Caernarfon Crown Court.

The prosecutor, Paulinus Barnes, told the court that Nwadiaju and Echem married in Nigeria in April 2022 but separated in August 2022 over reported abuse and violence.

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The wife, hoping for reconciliation, had visited him in Bangor, where he studied for his Master’s. Still, Nwadiaju was said to have taken her passport and Personal Independence Payment card and assaulted her repeatedly.

Police arrested him at the scene, and traces of blood were found on his person and property.

Nwadiaju was found guilty, despite stating that his actions were in self-defence.

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However, Presiding Judge Nicola Saffman sentenced Nwadiaju to 11 months imprisonment and suspended him for one year, adding that Nwadiaju must also carry out 250 hours of unpaid work.

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  1. I’m very happy this useless Nigerian boy fool was finally taught a great lesson overseas that it’s not cool to assault women and treat them like shit. I’ve been married for 45 years and I’ve NEVER insulted nor assaulted my wife. Useless Nigerian men must be taught good lessons like the Ekweremadus cos both of them have been getting away with blue murders for ritualistic purposes at their different okija shrines but finally God Almighty put an end to their satanic evil ways and for the rest of their lives they will be known as ex convicts.

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