ISRAELI PM, Netanyahu cannot be trusted, he is a lunatic – ISRAELI CITIZEN PROTESTS (VIDEO)

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AN angry Israeli citizen protested in front of the Israel Prime Minister’s home saying the PM cannot be trusted and that he is a lunatic.



He described the PM, Benjamin Netanyahu as someone who had no sympathy for lives comparing him with the likes of former United States President, Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler.



I have never for one single moment in my life trusted this man (Israeli PM Netanyahu) I think he’s a psychopath, I think he is lunatic, not just I think that, lots of people (do) I would never trust him with anything, not him, not his government.


That’s all I have to say. They’re dangerous people, They’re extremist, they’re fascists, they’re racists, they’re fanatic.

They don’t want peace, they want war because it serves their own self interest.

While most of the people on both sides you know, Israelis (and) Palestinians alike they are the people who pay the price.

They are the ones who suffer, They are the ones whose lives are lost, while they (Netanyahu and his government members) keep the power in their hands.

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Netanyahu is just Donald Trump, just like Milosevic, just like Hitler.

These people will do everything to keep power in their hands and they don’t care if anything else crumbles.

They can destroy everything as long as they remain in power. Just like Hitler, He (Hitler) told the German people,

“You’re not worthy of living because if I go down, you go down with me same thing with him, (Netanyahu) some people in Israel are so disturbed that they think of you simply say you’re sad about loss of life of innocent people of children that makes you a traitor because as long as they’re not Jewish, you mustn’t say that.

This is sick, I refuse, I will never ever change first of all, I am a human being, I am for life and I don’t care.”


If a child is from Gaza or from Tel Aviv or from, I don’t care where from Istanbul or New York.
A child is a child, period and this is the most important thing in the world.



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