IT is unrealistic for OBI to call on TINUBU to reveal his identity – LAURETTA ONOCHIE (FOR THE RECORDS)

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Dear Peter Obi,
You have shamelessly just gone on national TV to call on the President of Nigeria, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, to reveal his identity to Nigerians and the world.




This is the most idiotic request, Nigerians have had the misfortune of hearing from one, whose advisers are people with mental health issues.

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Nigeria parades some of the most intelligent people on earth and you disrespect our intelligence in this way? Manipulation is a skill and you are unskilled when it comes to Manipulation.





If you do not know who President Tinubu is, you have been probably locked up as a prisoner in your warped mind, or you have been living in cuckcoo land.

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How can you allow yourself to be used to question the identity of a man, who has been in the limelight since his youth?




How can you come low to the level of your gullible followers to begin this late in the day, to question the identity of a man who was checked by our security operatives and cleared twice to govern the most successful and cosmopolitan state in Nigeria, Lagos?





If you can come on national TV, to question the identity of a man who was cleared by all our security operatives to become a Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, that’s enough justification and validation for your resounding rejection at the polls in 2023.





We watched carefully, to see if a gun was pointed at you as you demand for the identity of a man who was scrutinised and cleared by the Security operatives in Nigeria to run for the highest office of the land. But there was none. You did it on your own.

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What is wrong with you?

This is like a drowning man grasping at grass. It’s time to stop taking instructions from people who are bitter, angry, envious and who have lost their minds, years ago.





Our Nigerian youth are more sensible than you think. You won’t be able to manipulate them into turning against their own nation. Your comrades in arm have all tried and failed. This is the only nation we all have.





Go home, Peter. You will NEVER be declared President of our great nation. Apart from the simple fact that you came a distant third, you don’t deserve to lead our nation. Your temperament and disposition are not the attributes needed to lead a diverse nation such as Nigeria. You failed Anambra. You can’t even lead the South East! Under your nose, South East became a war zone. A once vibrant economy built on hardwork, destroyed. Lives and properties, ruined.

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Shelf your desperation. Your ambition is beyond what you deserve. It will never come to pass.




Finally, you want to know our President’s true identity. Well, his real name is, Nemesis Jupiter. His father Karma, is the King of Jupiter who married Nemesis’ mother from Mars. When Mr. President was 25 years old, his family came from Jupiter to swim at the Bar-beach in Lagos. They left him at the bar-beach to fend for himself. So at 25, he did not go to Primary, Secondary nor any Tertiary institution. I hope you’re happy now.





Just go home, Peter. Put your feet up and enjoy your retirement and grandchildren as I’m doing.

God bless Nigeria.
Lauretta Onochie.



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