JOSEF Onoh Celebrates LGs Victory But Warns That Looting Of Public Funds Attract Penalties (READ DETAILS)

Dr. Josef ONOH
Dr. Josef ONOH
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FORMER Spokesman for Asiwaju Tinubu Campaign and current National Coordinator, Asiwaju Renewed Mandate, Southeast and the Chairman of Forum of former members of Enugu State House of Assembly, Dr. Josef Onoh congratulates the 774 Local Governments on their victory at the Supreme Court on Thursday, July 11, 2024.




Onoh in a Press Statement expressed his happiness on the many years of long awaited victory, he described the victory as victory for good governance, economic development, economic growth and strengthening of democracy.



The Supreme Court in Abuja ruled on Thursday that monthly Federal Allocations should henceforth go to the Local Government accounts thereby making the LGs fully autonomy.


Onoh has this to say as his contributions to the Local Government autonomy.




“My Contributions to the victory of the Local Government’s judgement is clear as they celebrate their victory, they should know that they lack immunity hence they should not loot public funds with impunity.

The Supreme Court Judgment on Local Government Areas (LGAs) autonomy has significant implications for governance and resource management in Nigeria.

Here are four key implications:


1. Limitation of State Governors’ Power:

State Governors will no longer have the authority to dissolve democratically elected Local Government officials, thereby strengthening Local democracy and ensuring the stability of local governance structures.




2. Abolishment of Caretaker Committees:

Caretaker committees, often appointed by State Governors to manage Local Governments temporarily, will be abolished nationwide.


This move is expected to foster the election of legitimate Local Government officials.



3. Direct Federal Allocations to Local Governments:

Federal allocations will be sent directly to Local Governments, bypassing State Governments. This ensures that funds meant for Local Development reach their intended destinations without interference or diversion by state authorities.




4. Restricted State Access to Local Government Funds:

States will no longer have access to funds designated for Local Government Areas. This measure aims to prevent the misappropriation or misuse of funds intended for local-level projects and services, promoting financial independence and accountability within Local Governments.

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5. misappropriation of public funds:

Local Government Chairmen don’t have immunity under the constitution hence they will appropriate the funds in the most accountable manner and improve development in the grassroot. Knowing they lack immunity they won’t loot with impunity.




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