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Knocks for those who says Sunday Igboho is an illiterate – EDUCATION IS NOT WISDOM! (A MUST READ)

Sunday Igboho
Sunday Igboho

Disappointing as it is…. Will just drop it here for those saying Chief Igboho was an illiterate with no formal education. Now those who had no voice when the highways were dangerous to ply… when women were being raped, farms destroyed and people kidnapped… suddenly, they have a voice. Shows how twisted your minds are..

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While you are there hyping education and after all your law degree, you hang around the court looking for people to do affidavit for…. MC Oluomo is putting up ads for a PA with first degree and commanding chics dem no born you well to talk to on the street. Yet you want to fight the man who argues that it is wrong for his people not to be employed in the Ports and Federal Parastatals in Yorubaland…. precisely fighting for you… the paper tiger graduate who has only grammar to show for 16 years of education.

The foundation of Yoruba nation was not laid by people with formal western education. It was laid by people with ancient wisdom….. Socrates… the man who is studied in universities today and face of modern philosophy was a bricklayer….. Jomo Kenyatta, the man who led Kenyans to freedom was a carpenter. The ancient legends we celebrate today for the role they played in the preservation of Yorubaland… from Iba Oluyole to Bashorun Ogunmola…. Ogedemgbe and Oranmiyan, they had no formal education. The face of Christianity and Islam is Jesus and Mohammed. PHD holders guide their lives by their teachings. Both of them had no formal education.

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With all your education…. Very few of you can diagnose Yoruba’s problem and critically analyze how Yoruba people are held hostage like Chief Ighoho…. To say that one does not have a right to devote his time and energy to Yoruba liberation because of his education is an insult on a larger fraction of Yoruba people and elders with great wisdom but not education….To argue that the native wisdom is inferior to formal education shows how mentally damamged many of you are…. Please who are you expecting to lead a militant arm of a liberation movement…., an Oxford trained philosopher.

Chief Sunday Ighoho is not saying he wants to rule Oduduwa nation. His liberation struggle so far has no touch of personal ambition. He recognizes royal fathers and recognized leaders in the struggles including professor Akintoye and carries them along in all he does. He recognizes the Aare as his senior and gives them all the respect they deserve without any attempt to corrode seniority in the struggle….. He knows his place and even though he represents the militant arm of the struggle, he does not represent the intelligentsia when it is time to build a nation.

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Who western education help…..Yoruba’s predicaments started with those with formal education. It was the saros who came back from Serria Leone that helped the British sack Yorubaland. They were the ones who enlisted in the British navy to bombard Lagos, sack Kosoko and impose a puppet. They were the ones who thought us to hate our spirituality and cultures, introduced a bible that translated our Orisha to be a devil that tried to overthrow Eledumare.

Who were the real backbones of old leaders like Awolowo? It was the market women and base people. They were the ones who went to the streets when he was jailed. They were the ones who caused the uprising of the 80’s when the federal government tried to steal Ondo’s mandate… did it work… absolutely. Agitations led to release of Awolowo and reverse of the victory of Omoboriowo in Ondo state.

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So with all due respect… If you with all your education decide to hide behind the computer and have nothing to contribute to advance a great Yoruba nation its people can be proud of, respect the man who does so… Education is not wisdom. Many of the richest men in the world today realized that ( including Bill Gates and uncle Mark of Facebook). That is why they dropped out of school to face their visions and now employ those who stayed in school to get a degree in the hundreds.

Sunday Ighoho is important to the struggle and his efforts are greatly appreciated.

Gbonka Ebiri


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Written by Adesoji OMOSEBI

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