LAGOS, not a Testing Ground, SANWO-OLU speaks out loud!

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In a live interview with the LTV crew, His Excellency Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu was asked why he is different from other candidates for the Lagos State Governorship seat? This he referred to as a question of Capability, Competence and Capacity.





He made bold to discount 17 years from his current age (57 years). He made a soothing account of his credentials as at age 40. He had led the investment banking industry at the highest level in the country. He had led the banking team that had run complex transactions on the financial side of the country.



He had successfully run two major ministries, including exportation, whilst being the Special Adviser to the then State Governor on corporate matters.

He claims to have participated in several local and international discourses where he has been exposed to quite numerous operations of even World Bank. He has practically been involved in the running of the Internal Generated Revenue (IGR) of the state, having the internal revenue Boards reporting directly to him.



He has clearly been able to present the budget of Lagos State in the presence of the Lagos State House of Assembly at that age.

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He therefore does not stand against the idea of involving new people into governance. But, he advised against using the governance of the whole state as Lagos as a ‘testing ground’.



Lagos State, according to him needs a personality of solid track record, someone who has candid experience both from the private and public sector.

He solidly proclaims that a fair, non-exaggerated juxtapose of his experience in governmental dealings, would deliver a resume of 20 years track record with these aforementioned sectors.

A personality like that, he believes, is fit for governance of Lagos State.

Lagos can only be run by people that have Capacity, Competence and Capability and I did a simple summary, even the youngest person that is on the bill, let’s do a comparison of what I have done at 40 and not at 57 that I am right now.


Let me discount 17 years out of my age, that says life for like, what have you done, at 40.

I have left the bank industry as a General Manager, that I have headed Investment Banking,  I have been Treasurer in three banks.

That I have run Investment Banking at the highest level in this country.

That I have run complex transactions on financial side of this country.  At 40, I have worked in the deepest side, prospecting for oil as a private sector.

At 40, I have run two ministries, I have been Commissioner in budget, I have been Special Adviser to the Governor on Corporate Matters.

I have been to several international and local discourse where I have been exposed to World Bank.  At 40, I still stand the test of time in Lagos.

At 40, I used to have unique opportunity where PROLOMA and PIR at the Board of Internal Revenue, used to report to me.

We have grown the IGR of this State even at that time.  At 40, I have the opportunity to present the budget of this Lagos State in front of the Lagos State House of Assembly.

That is the kind of thing we are talking about.

We are not saying people cannot come forward, let people bring out their resume, let people bring out their capacity. What have they done before?


It’s not just politics, it’s not just I have an opportunity in a political party.  THIS IS NOT A TESTING STING GROUND.”


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