Mr. President, people are groaning under fuel scarcity Nationwide – Adesoji OMOSEBI

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Nigerians groaning under fuel scarcity Nationwide
Nigerians groaning under fuel scarcity Nationwide

Nigerians are groaning under what can be called artificial scarcity of petrol across the country in this Xmas and New Year season.
People were seen stranded at various Motor Parks. Cost of living have risen beyond the reach of ordinary masses, to compound this crisis is non-payment of salaries by some states.
Pensioners are dying because they could not get a little stipend from the government they worked so hard for, to feed at their old age. Some died because they could not afford to buy drugs at the hospitals. This is a country they worked so hard for when they had the energy to deliver. They did not commit any offence or crime. We need their prayers not their curses.

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NNPC and major oil marketers are trading blames while ordinary man on the street suffers. A litre of petrol is now being sold at N500 in the black market. Long queues at the Fuel Stations is an understatement, what is even more worrisome, is people leaving their vehicles overnight even when the stations are not selling fuel.
There was a news going viral on the social media where a governor was seen buying fuel at the black market. It is that bad.
What was the magic last year and how did NNPC handle the situation that we had stress free celebrations during Xmas festival in 2016?
Where is Kachikwu? How did we get to these sorry state? Is it not about time Kachikwu or somebody else is given the Ministerial portfolio to deal with this harsh situation?
All these questions are begging for answers.
Mr. President, Nigerians are suffering and it is getting unbearable. We should not allow the fifth columnists to use this opportunity to stage a comeback like they did in 1985. The enemies are at the next door. They are there to cause confusion in order to pitch the masses against your noble programmes to strike.
It will be disastrous for us, if we allow these locusts to stage a comeback like they did in the past.
You have a good plan for Nigeria, no doubt, but the locusts, the praise singers and those who are bent in destroying all your efforts are already taking upper hands. These are the people who taught you will never survive from your sick bed.

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If you can ponder over this, you will realise most of the scandals recorded under your government happened when you were hospitalised in the United Kingdom. Why was it so, it was because they taught you will die abroad. Even some false prophets prophesied that you will never come back but God turned all their evil plans to naught.
I will advise that you should not look beyond the moment to give your very best for the country you loved so much. Don’t allow some sycophants push you against your decision. God will take care of 2019 in His own way. Let us deal with today first!
Sir, I write this open letter with the hope that you will act fast before those who have cases of corruption pending with EFCC gather momentum and upstage what is already taking shape in the country.
I have been chastised, condemned and abused because of you on social media and in the open because of my support for you. I know, you are sincere in your efforts to bring back the glory of Nigeria. You shall prevail.
I am concerned because I am involved and because we are all stakeholders in the affairs of Nigeria.
‘’Nigeria belongs to all of us, we shall remain here to salvage it together.’’ – General Muhammadu Buhari (1985).
Mr. President, this time, we need action NOT rhetoric. (c) December 23, 2017

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