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The former House of Representatives member, an Actor and the Chairman of Oodua FM (90.9FM) in Ile-Ife, Hon. Rotimi Makinde bares his mind on the current political activities in the State of Osun.

He said he will continue to be who he is, inspite of his political records.

In his words he said “I live by the day with a grateful heart for living up to God’s expectations, I am so mindful of my tomorrow but carefree about my tomorrow in respect to my political ambition.”

He said he belongs to a class of human beings that allows God to cater for his tomorrow while he  occupies himself by thanking him about his yesterday.

He will appreciate his supporter’s prayers and appreciation for his yesterday than people asking him about his next political move.

At this moment, he said;  he is in self solitary confinement and his only concern, for now, is what favours his state after the tenure of the present government, and who will be qualified and takes the mantle of leadership from the present government really matters to him now than anything.

He looked forward to those who will partner to resuscitate the state of the economy of Nigeria most especially his home state, Osun State.
He desires a sound manager who will meet the state’s demands, a good manager of resources. a man of integrity, full of knowledge and definite call to serve.

He concluded by saying “We must pray for someone with deep knowledge to turn mega evolutions to resources. This and many more are my cross while appreciating the journey so far.”

He went further; “Let God be the deciding factor of my next step and let no one begin to make malignancy with me from now because of my intimidating profiles and existing political records. God is my maker and as I think about you and wishing you all the best, Wish me well too.” (c) October 5, 2017.


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