Namibian Couple Create “DEPOSIT BOX” In Their Home To Receive Unwanted Babies (SEE PHOTOS)

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A Namibian couple, Ronel and D. Peters, built a “deposit box” in the wall of their home and advised moms to put their newborns in it rather than throwing them out.

Ronel and D. Peters have started an unusual campaign of opening their home to receive unwanted babies through a unique design.


They carved out a wall section and created a deposit box where mothers could put their unwanted babies

The couple has started a foundation called the Ruach Elohim Foundation, which has saved seven babies so far.

The foundation has been officially registered and designated as a place of safety by Namibia’s Ministry of Gender Equality and Child Welfare.

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Speaking in an interview, Ronel Peters said that:

“We made the decision to welcome unwanted, abused, helpless, and abandoned babies into our home. We established the foundation in order to halt baby dumping and protect infants from dying a terrible, lonely death at the hands of people who were meant to care for them”.

Following recent media stories of child dumping, Ronel Peters, who had already quit her work as a drugstore medical representative and relocated with her husband from Windhoek to Swakopmund to establish a secure home—became even more worried and resolved to carry out her mission. 

Peters urged moms unable to care for their babies to get in touch with a social worker in their area, a hospital, or the local police station or to contact her directly.

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The couple often communicates with local police, social workers, and council members, and they frequently get enormous responses from needy pregnant women who prefer to remain anonymous. 

Nigerians who shared their thoughts on how the couples are able to achieve this


Bruce De Last Shinobi wondered: So, I’m the only one who wonders how the box works… How long does a baby stay in that box before it gets checked. Do they have a notification system. Can it be opened from the outside as well. Can someone leave twins in that small box . I have so many questions. 

CHENYA added: The couple is doing the lords work. Saving the babies one at a time. Whoever complains should go and start that system themselves. (they won’t) He still reigns!! opined: My brother and his wife also adopted a baby from Swakop last year. I just don’t want to press them with all these questions, but I was thinking to myself it must have been from here. With time though I will ask them

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