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Nigerians have been reacting angrily to the jumbo monthly pay of each Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria which stood at N29m monthly as revealed by Prof. Itse Sagay.
This is at a time the economy of Nigeria is under recession when the minimum wage is still N18,000 per month.
Adding insults to the already pained issue is the refusal of the National Assembly led by Senator Bukola Saraki refusal to disclose what each Senator earns to the public as demanded by SERAP.
The following is the unedited reactions of Nigerians against the National Assembly:

Hentop 10 hours ago Reply
SERAP should infiltrate the banks. Senators receive their salaries through their bank accounts.

Adewale Santos 11 hours ago Reply
Until when Saraki and his economic saboteurs are chased out, Nigeria will never progress. They are just fooling us with their anti corruption nonsense

Us man 12 hours ago Reply
Saraki and his senate member run Nigeria aground. They feel unquestionable about allocating billons of naira as salaries and allowances to themselve. While Executives are accountable to Nigerians through the National Assembly, the senate feel they are accountable to nobody. It is regretable and highly unfortunate. If the Nigerians fail to check these people (senators) , they will run Nigeria aground. National Assemly metamorphozied to MONEY ASSEMBLY

Dr Pat Kolawole Awosqan 14 hours ago Reply
The current Senate President, Bukola Saraki, who conducted a coup-plot to attained his senate position lacks any credibility, corruption-stained and decent-character challenge as his past family history truly certified Bukola Saraki as an advanceD looter, chronic thief and embezzler of Kwara State-peoples commonwealth and those looted Kwara State-public funds were laundered by Dr Bukola Saraki in Panama. Dr Bukola Saraki and his late fatherDr Sola Saraki, were both responsible for the bankrupting a French-Nigeria bank, Society-Generale, which formed the foundation of their family’s wealth. Dr Bukola Saraki is an advanced criminal.

musty 16 hours ago Reply
Certainly a child that says the mother will not sleep shall not himself taste it. Terrorising Nigerians by threats,intimidation,torture, mis use of the law and enforcement agents to silent courageous critics and objective profilers of the self-aggrandizing attitudes of the national assembly members is never a solution mr.senate president. It is time to change the trajectory of governance to elevate the status our people rather than pauperize them aand throw crumbs at them….therefore you as no.3 man have no choice but to sacrifice, key in and help PMB to succeed in this noble objective.

Basil 16 hours ago Reply
A very good sign of bad leadership

Omooba Adebayo 16 hours ago Reply
The Nigerian ‘honourable’ Legislators and their monthly jumbo pay shouldn’t be an issue that meetings upon meetings, clarifications upon clarifications will take weeks if not months to be discussed and clarified.
My wife asked me how much do i earn, i told her but she said that i should have earned more than that afterall you hold a senior position in that office. what i simply do was to request our accounts department to print and endorse my pay slip so that i can show her.
although i am aware some people do tamper with pay slip, but who are they deceiving? God or Man? My pay slip is my pay slip and verifiable in my office.
Coming back to our ‘honourable’ Legislators, if Saraki and or his Personal Assistant can not say the truth can’t we have the likes of Senators Shehu Sani (Kaduna), David Mark (Benue), Prince Lanre Tujuosho (Ogun), Oluremi Tinubu and Gbenga Ashafa (Lagos) , Olushola Adeyeye (Osun), to mention a few of the seemingly credible ones….Where are they? Oh they don’t want to talk so as not incur the wrath of suspension as in the case of Ali Ndume? Oh, so they have also compromised abi? Another election will soon come. I can now understand why they will not want to confirm the appointment of Magu, the EFCC Boss.
I think i have a solution to the imbroglio. Let the electorate mobilise and go to their constituency offices to demand for their pay. And once each of them provides such pay breakdown then the pay slip should be forwarded to a civil right lawyer for forensic audit. Then we know who is fooling who.
And should any Senator or House member refuse to cooperate, then a recall process or denial of future political office privileges should be enforced.
This is Nigeria where Senate President does not know how much he earns or his members earn but he knows what constitute terrorism and what does not constitute terrorism.
“It will soon come to an end – O maa leyin”. (c) September 23, 2017.

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