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Together we came, together we stood, together we fought, together we rejoiced, together we shall do it again, together we shall triumph over the night. And in the end when we are the last to fall, we shall be honoured and remembered by all.


The State of Osun is ours, we came by train, we saw, we transformed, we shall endeavour to sustain.

Soldier come, soldier shall go but the standing Soldier must never fall.”Ete awo kogbodo sooju ogberi….”


I have taken keen interest on why, twins, be it identical or siblings from same mother often behave in a manner that simply give them out.

I have ran into identical twins and one is outgoing and the other more introverted. The introvert changed dramatically when she went away to college and they live in different cities. It is much harder to be “compared” to a twin than to a sibling or principal to a lieutenant – personally.

I am glad to have been born alone, glad to be a member of the progressives’ camp, it is my choice and so no comparison can ever be made from my natural acts of life as related to my character as an individual that I am.

To those who may not know, there is something magical about my life and my relationship to people. I think this is a stunning discovery of myself as ROTIMI MAKINDE and not as somebody else.

Randomly, chance and events could so influence the outcome of my activities, no grievance that worth mentioning would escape my eyes.

Many may have live to confront some issues that could somehow scare me to the marrow, while greater of such may never get me smacked.

It is not by might but by how blessed “Ti ja kadi ko”….if twins are never equal, and if siblings share different characters, then, I am whom God wanted me to be, and you are whom God wanted you to be.

Why would anyone wish you reciprocate affection, generosity, live or expect you to behave and act like me? We can only act, be kind and be generous to others as God directs. But we must be equal in forgiveness and prepare to overlook for we can never be the same.

Are you the type that shows your love or loyalty by striving to be someone’s look alike? Some of us might just be the opposite for we may share different principle for that love many handle carelessly resides in our heart and not on our lips or keeping our beards to gain his love unlike many who hangs around him like a leech.

Many might  hate welfarism but our calls is necessary to be different for many of us venture into what pleases our heart but yet your set may be daily challenged for envy and every move that pleases us and our God.

Many bowed and trembled to easy pressures and temptation while the chosen one forge ahead and hide their wounds despite the anger and hunger without resentment.

In the heat of any provocations is when some of us become stronger, it is good to start only when the weak stop for our propelling force differ and each of us with different confidence never to lose any battle, especially those we may so desire.

May the good Lord never make us to lose track to fulfil our mission to our community.


Hon Rotimi Makinde is a former Honourable member of the House of Representatives, a Nollywood Actor, and Founder of Odua FM.

He writes for SOJWORLDWIDE.



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